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Saturday, 1 January 2005

Gentlemen Scribes

Contributors to The Monarchist are divided into two categories: those who currently hold positions in monarchist or traditional societies in some official capacity, and therefore post under their real name; and those who do not, and instead adopt a suitable nom de plume in line with a deliberate theme of this blog to remember, promote and defend our collective pan-Anglo-Britannic heroic narrative and heritage.

    A. Les Noms de Plume
  1. Sir Winston Churchill (Blog Patron)
  2. Lord Baron of Beaverbrook (Founder and Editor)
  3. Sir Francis Walsingham (Joined April 2005)
  4. William Pitt the Younger (May 2005)
  5. James Madison (June 2005)
  6. John Adams (June 2005)
  7. Robert Catesby (June 2005)
  8. Lord Viscount of Bolingbroke (June 2005)
  9. Marcus Porcius Cato the Younger (July 2005)
  10. Lord Earl of Beaconsfield (July 2005)
  11. Admiral Lord Earl of Dundonald (July 2005)
  12. Captain James Cook (Joined July 2005)
  13. Sir Robert Menzies (Joined Aug 2005)
  14. Sir Samuel Griffith (Joined Aug 2005)
  15. Admiral Lord Viscount of Camperdown (Aug 2005)
  16. Admiral Lord Viscount Horatio Nelson (Sep 2005)
  17. Charlotte "Jane Eyre" Bronte (Oct 2005)
  18. Lord Earl of Shaftesbury (Feb 2006)
  19. Edmund Burke (May 2006)
  20. Sir George Edward Grey (Aug 2006)
  21. Lord Viscount Palmerston (Sep 2006)
  22. Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (Sep 2006)
  23. Field Marshall Lord Duke of Wellington (Oct 2006)
  24. Lord Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield (Oct 2006)
  25. Lord Marquess of Salisbury (Nov 2006)
  26. Lieutenant-General Lord Robert Baden-Powell (Nov 2006)
  27. Sir Walter Scott (Dec 2006)
  28. Joseph Rudyard Kipling (Jan 2007)
  29. Jonathan Swift (Feb 2007)
  30. John Churchill, The 1st Duke of Marlborough (Mar 2007)
  31. Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton (Mar 2007)
  32. Lord Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (Oct 2007)

    B. Gentlemen Monarchists
  1. Matthew Allen, Prefect of the Oxford Monarchists
  2. Nigel Morris, President of the Australian Flag Society
  3. Neil Welton, Leader of Monarchy Wales