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Wednesday, 27 July 2005

The Impious Rabble Retreat

News to swell Loyal hearts this morning. The celebrity-driven beat-up which is the campaign to change the NZ flag has been abandoned. The lares, penates and relics of our sacred ancestors have been spared the impious axe of Jacobin tyranny. The "NZ Flag campaign" has stopped its campaign to collect signatures for a referendum on the issue, aimed at removing the Union Flag from our own, and eradicating "hangovers of colonialism".

Gilray's Rights of Man, 1791

I am sure the millionaire gentleman who bankrolled this attack on the national heritage must be disappointed, and likewise, republicans of goodwill, such as Lewis Holden.

I'm sure Robespierre was a lovely man too - Indeed, he kept ranting about virtue, and was called Sea-green incorruptible. But the personal motives of those funding this bankrupt raid on the family silver are irrelevant to the shocking lack of pietas shown by the haters and wreckers.

Let us thank the gracious mercies of Providence that our flag has been spared for another day, and that our ancestors may lie quiet in their graves in the knowledge we have kept their trust.

For now, at least.

Posted by Pitt the Younger (originally posted here)