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Saturday, 4 February 2006

Loyal Subjects

It doesn't happen every day, but when it does, we like to make special recognition of it here. "Loyal Subject of the Day" is in honour of those Knight Grand Scribes external to this blog, who have demonstrated a measure of defiance against the Cult of Progress, through traditional allegiance to the Crown.

All it takes is one book, one article or one post in defence of the British Monarchy and, if of a high enough quality, we will track it here. Not only the present ones, but all such worthies going back into the ancient mists of time. This growing compendium is therefore a massive undertaking that will require mountains of research, but a very useful resource when complete, if ever. Without further due therefore, from newest to oldest, previous loyal subjects of the day include:

  1. Joseph Quesnel: Honour Our Traditions, May 13, 2007
  2. The Queen Triumphs in America | VIRGINIA'S ROYAL WELCOME May 10, 2007
  3. Barbara Kay: A Question of Honour May 9, 2007
  4. Andrew Cusack: The Queen in Williamsburg, May 8, 2007
  5. The Daily Telegraph: The Queen's 81st Birthday, April 21, 2007
  6. Geoffrey Wheatcroft: A union of crowns is the only remedy for devolution, Apr 11, 2007
  7. Ian Halloway: Keep Saluting our Queen, Mar 20, 2007
  8. Peter Hitchens: Monarchy in the Age of New Labour, Mar 13, 2007
  9. David Flint: Fifty Five Years of Faithful Service, Feb 6, 2007.
  10. Andrew Cusack: The Prince of Wales in Philadelphia, Jan 30, 2007.
  11. Michael Coren: God save 'em, even when they're not so gracious, Jan 27, 2007.
  12. Gordon Brown: We need a United Kingdom, Jan 13, 2007.
  13. Tony Abbott: Monarchy is the tie that binds us together, Nov 29, 2006.
  14. Andrew Cusack: Old Dominion Will Receive Her Majesty, Nov 16, 2006.
  15. Andrew Cusack: The Duke of York in New York, Oct 21, 2006.
  16. James Parker: What was that all about, Oct 1, 2006
  17. Taki Theodoracopulos: The Princess and I, Sep 25, 2006
  18. Rex Murphy: Adrienne Clarkson: the personal and the political, Sep 23, 2006
  19. Niall Ferguson: Born to rule: monarchy puts the success into succession, Sep 10, 2006
  20. Chilton Williamson Jr: Conservatism needs monarchy and heirarchy, Aug 28, 2006
  21. Jørn K. Baltzersen: In Defense of Prince Charles, July 14, 2006.
  22. Conrad Black: Reviving the Commonwealth, July 10, 2006
  23. Gerald Warner: Queen of our time, Apr 23, 2006.
  24. Mark Steyn: Jolly Good Show, The Queen at Eighty, Apr 21, 2006.
  25. Tom Utley: Subtly and silently, the Queen has bound our society together, Apr 21, 2006.
  26. "Deogowulf": Monarchy, Apr 21, 2006.
  27. Andrew Cusack: Your Royal Highness, Cead Mile Failte, Mar 20, 2006.
  28. Andrew Cusack: The Queen Mother in New York, 1954, Jan 25, 2006.
  29. Peter Hitchens: Is it time to say goodbye? No, Dec 3, 2000
  30. Melville Henry Massue: Legitimism in England, Sep 1897
  31. Edmund Burke: Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790
  32. Henry Bolingbroke: The Idea of a Patriot King, Dec 1, 1738.
  33. Robert Filmer: The Natural Power of Kings, 1680.