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Saturday, 23 December 2006

Blair cheapens the honours system further

The official notification of Bono's award of a knighthood (something Lennon and Harrison never won despite the latter having been the first to organise a benefit concert) came by way as an email which read:"Hi folks. Please see attached Press release. A statement from the Prime Minister will be on the No10 website shortly. A statement will also be on the U2 website."

Imagine- releasing the news on Bono's website which advertises his CDs and concerts! And just in time for U2's new greatest hits album, 18, which will top the charts by the New Year.

The way the news was broken immediately came under fire from MPs on all sides, who claimed it was final proof of the way Mr Blair has manipulated the honours system for cynical political purposes. MPs have complained that Blair has "cheapened" the honours system FURTHER by trying to shift attention from Iraq. LibDem MP Bob Russell, who represents the Army town of Colchester, said: "This breaks all precedents and is an insult to others who have to wait until next week to have their honours announced. "My town has lost many servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Mr Blair is more concerned about handing baubles to rock stars."

Ex-Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe (aka Doris Karloff) said: "I fail to understand why Bono should be singled out for an early announcement when the honours list is full of people who have worked hard. It is demeaning to them and is a typical New Labour manipulated news stunt." Labour's Andrew Mackinlay said: "I'm amazed at the way anti-establishment rock figures fall over each other to pick up gongs."

For a great piece about this, read Peter Hitchen's Snobbery, sycophancy...and Sir Dog Biscuit KBE.


The Monarchist said...

Great post! I got a kick out of Hitchen's typically crabby take, though ever since the satanic Mick Jaegar was knighted, I've come to expect this as business as usual. It's the new aristo-rockracy.

Anonymous said...

Bozo from U2 has mastered the art of self promotion, perhaps someday he will do something for people that will make a damn bit of difference, so far, he has done nothing.

MandysRoyalty said...

I like Bono, he seems a good chap. But I wonder why he's always in Africa? I believe there are quite a few unhappy, unloved Irish children in need of some attention. Perhaps your own countrymen are not chic this season?

Younghusband said...

Bono has amassed a £1billion business empire by cosying up to gaoled tycoons and paying as little tax as possible while demanding that everyone 'makes poverty history".

This week he's bought a major share in Forbes magazine ('the ultimate mouthpiece of capitalism')which is rather at odds with his image as campaigning activist and anti-poverty hero especially given his decision to move his business empire to Holland to avoid paying Irish tax.

He has a villa in the South of France and a lavish Italian-style palazzo overlooking the sea near Dublin, not to mention a £15 million penthouse in Manhattan which he bought from Steve Jobs, listed as one of New York's top 40 properties and boasts 12ft nickel and bronze doors and floor-to-ceiling windows costing £40,000 each.

He claims a Maserati among his fleet of luxury cars and is a noted wine connoisseur, regularly spending thousands on a single bottle at his favourite New York restaurants.

He owns an Airbus A320 which flies him around in style on U2's current world tour.

As for Mick Jagger, this is a guy who at least lives in Britain and has promoted the country. What has Bono done for promoting the UK, apart from 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'?

Cato said...

For the first time, we can be thankful for the secession of the Free State from the Crown and Commonwealth - Saint Bono will never be able to call himself Sir Paul (which I think is his real name).

But d'ye know, chaps, I think the waves of shock in conservative minded circles in reaction to the news that yet another 'rock' 'star' has been elevated in this way are all rather OTT. They've been doing this for years, they will go on doing it for years. This has become so common that it has lost all meaning through repetition, like soldiers' swearing or politicians' soundbites. I'm afraid that I can bring myself to care much. Like that director fellow, Winner, I feel that if offered one I wouldn't take it, looking at some of the ghastly oiks who have them these days.

Which, of course, is entirely the point. Debase the honours system, turn it into a joke, a parody of itself, and you can arm yourself with sufficient public support to abolish it, and dull yet another piece of glitter in our heritage.

Younghusband said...

I agree Cato. I personally have no problem with Bono himself; I'd get whatever I could if I were in his shoes. Hell, when the Beatles received MBEs in '65 I would have complained it was little more than political theatre for Wilson. It's just the idea of Blair going on about how "All I'll say is that, along with millions of others right across the world, I am a huge fan" in explaining how he merits a knighthood (a knighthood, for God's sake!) when he hasn't yet accomplished anything apart from music sales, none of which aid British coffers which had been the excuse for awarding the Beatles theirs.