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Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Commissioning the New

Welcome to 2.0. After more than two years of blood, toil, tears and sweat on perfecting the original, it was time to move on. What ran it home was the frustrating inability to take advantage of the new accelerated design features of the new Blogger. One can now construct his own blog without knowing a single line of HTML. With the new click of a button do-it-yourself features, this template took like….five minutes to create. I’m not kidding. Five minutes.

I actually quite like the new look. It’s totally different and refreshing, and elegant in its simplicity. What’s great is the fact that you can now post using the higher grade GIF photos with the upgraded Blogger. The downside is that I have to once again invite our scribes to use it, as we are not so much throwing out the old one, as adding on a new one. We will however keep the same blogger address, and assign a new one to TM 1.0.

With the improved designing capability, I see no reason why we can’t have a new design every six months. Like I said, it takes all but five minutes to do.



the monarchist said...

The comment feature needs to be improved. I still don't like this system.

Backseat Blogger said...

a much better look monarchist.

the font's a bit tiny in windows explorer for these old eyes though. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
the monarchist said...

Thanks. The font has been increased. That took another five seconds to adjust.

governor-grey said...

Not bad!

I suggest for comments bringing back the TheirSay system.

The one one 'complaint' about the white, as it does not have the 'royal' feel to it.

the monarchist said...

I will attempt to bring back TheirSay. The widget template is more sophisticated and more difficult to decipher, which is why I haven't done it yet. But I agree - blogger commenting still leaves much to be desired.

the monarchist said...

GG: the background colour is white? Version 2.0 is totally B&W with tomes of greyish font, in marked contrast to 1.0. Version 3.0 in the months ahead will, I can assure you, not be B&W.

governor-grey said...

Cool, a change of fonts and colours every few months would be good imo

John Murney said...

I like the new look - congratulations!

governor-grey said...

I suggest we remove "Kiwi Blog" from the "Blogs of the Order". It's a Republican blog.