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Friday, 15 December 2006

Two gentlemen who have commented on this blog in the past, go head to head in a debate on national television. Both obstinantly hold to their positions, but Rafael comes out on top in the end by emphasizing the shared aspect of the Crown, in marked contrast with the more narrow, independent and isolated view of our republican nationalist friend, who plays the national loyalty card aggressively enough, but puts no value on the higher loyalty based on the bonds of fraternity and collective allegiance to our shared heritage.



Roy Eappen said...

Did you hear the inherent jingoism of the young Mccullough? I guess Her Excellency Mme Jean is not a true Canadian , not being born in Canada. Nor am or or Rafael. We were not born in Canada. He is of course wrong in so many ways.
God Save the Queen of Canada

Spencer said...

Mr. McCullough points out correctly that the Queen is irrelevent to modern Canadian society. I challenge anyone to demonstrate what value there is in having a Queen, without resorting to worn out platitudes and tired 19th century rhetoric.

cawp said...

Well, I was astonished to see Mr on YouTube! Wonderful, even though I disagree with him.

The trouble is that the House of Windsor has done very little to maintain their obvious relevance and involvement in modern Commonwealth countries. With travel speeds and technology improved as they are, there is nothing to stop their having a far greater engagement in the ceremonies and society of Canada, New Zealand and Australia (and others). Why isn't a major member of the royal family put up in permanent residence in each of these countries? I don't think the Governor General role does enough; why not have Princes and Princesses of Canada, Australia and New Zealand?And the Commonwealth itself should be given more prominence, both rhetorically and practically, in our nations' international and domestic affairs.

It is through inattention and apathy (theirs and ours) that this great instituion is slipping away from us.

the monarchist said...

I agree, cawp. And those who attempt to fight the apathy are passed off as engaging in a hopelessly irrelevant discussion.

Spencer, I won't bore you with tired platitudes, but I don't see why it is up to me to convince you. It is up to you to convince us what it is you would replace it with; why we would be better off and how such an office could be designed such that it is relevant to you and the other modernists who have contempt for anything that doesn't yield them any personal utility.

Spencer said...

I'm not going to hop into a massive discussion about governmental reform and constitutional change, as this is not really the most appropriate forum for such discussions. If we spoke perhaps on MSN messenger or some such it would be much easier, and I'd be more than happy to engage in such discussions there.

I did ask you a question though, and if you are so convinced of the merits of having a Monarchy I'd like to hear that rationale.

Spencer said...

Actually, why not debate on MSN. Do you have the program? If you do I'll provide you with my email and we can discuss this further, in a more free flowing environment condusive to intelligent discourse.

The Monarchist said...

No I don't have MSN, Spencer, as I'm not really into the whole "chat" or text messaging thing. So I'll pass on the offer.

That said, I think we could probably use a little more arguments for and against discourse, other than just "we are loyalists here, so sod off to those who disagree with us" kind of blog. That would require a number of posts to cover all the points, but well worth the effort in the end.

J.J. said...

While I appreciate the attention, I would like to note that this debate was filmed all of four years ago, and was my first-ever live debate. So I was clearly not at my most articulate, and given the chance I would say many things differently the second time around. When I said I wanted a HoS who was "born in Canada" what I really meant was having someone who at least LIVED in the country. I am not a nativist by any stretch, since my own mother is an immigrant. But as a teenager in such a stressful situation, I blurted out a couple of lines I wish I could take back now. A much more articulate statement of my republican views can be found here, in my essay "The Monarchy, the Conservatives, the Future, and Canada"

Spencer said...

Well why not some sort of debate series of posts? Point, rebuttal, point, rebuttal etc?

The Monarchist said...

JJ: I thought you handled yourself quite well for an 18 yr old under the microscope of a national audience. No regrets needed, apart from your republican views in an historically monarchist country.

Spencer, we'll see. I like your recommendation, but I'm not sure we can be totally trusted to take the anti-monarchist side in the rebuttals.

Spencer said...

Guest blogger maybe?