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Thursday, 11 January 2007

“Republic of Ireland” to Lose English Monarchy, Repeal Three Thousand Laws, Obliterate a Thousand Years of History

I’m not sure about this, but this could very well be the single largest repealing measure in any state’s history. The Government of Ireland is pursuing a wildly ambitious scorched-earth policy on their legislative books. Because of an unrepealed 1542 law, which makes Henry VIII and his heirs and successors the lawful King of Ireland, ole Danny Boy currently has more than a token claim to the status of a constitutional monarchy. Luckily for republicans, government lawyers are working in overdrive to clear up any confusion.

Some of the laws pre-date the Norman conquest of 1169 as all the laws of England were later transported wholesale to Ireland in 1494 in an effort by King Henry VII to stabilise Ireland.

In 1542, King Henry VIII tried to put the Irish question beyond doubt by having the Irish parliament pass a law declaring him to be the King of Ireland.

In 1962 this law was repealed but research revealed a second law of 1542, which restated and expanded on the first declaring King Henry to be the King of Ireland.


James said...

Interesting. Does that mean HM's signature will be needed to enact these repeals - as well as to finally legitimize every law passed in Ireland since the "republic" was established?

Anonymous said...

God they are stupid. I am sorry about the grass munching but still, get a life !!!

Palmerston said...

Perhaps they should convince Her Majesty to provide Royal Assent, just to ensure its constitutionality!

The Monarchist said...

I find it incredible how so many Acts can be the law of the land, yet because they are long forgotten, they are not observed or followed or enforced. In other words, it is possible to be above the law, so long as everybody else is too. There is a de facto statute of limitations here: As long as nobody follows it, it's not really a law at all. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

A law isn't a law just because it's written down. Precedent and practice and custom makes up the half-imaginary confederacy of the Common Law, just as much as a few statutes.

I have a vague idea that, according to various existing and technically extant written instruments which have been mentioned to me in the past, Her Majesty is Queen of France, New Zealand is part of Australia, American independence is legally void and you can be prosecuted for failing to shoot a Welshman if you see him in the grounds of Hereford Cathedral. Does it make these things legally true? Pshaw! etc.


Younghusband said...

Does this mean they don't have to continue paying Lord Lucan for using his land?
Under a law created by HAL8, which has never been repealed, anyone who messes with the spouse of the heir to the throne should be hanged, drawn and quartered. The fact that James (Love Rat) Hewitt did not suffer this made me lose all respect for the so-called laws of the land. So much so that I went out and urinated upon exiting a car WITHOUT having my left hand on the hood while doing so.
Harry does look like Hewitt though...

Unrepentant Jacobite said...

I am very glad that Ireland - alas still a Republic rather than a Monarchy - is getting rid of the hoard of English laws that was forced upon her for all these years.

A further act of independence of Eire against England. Good for her.

Now if only the Dail in Dublin would get their heads on straight and quit the EU, WTO and the UN at the same time.

Ah well, one can dream.