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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The European Union of Socialist Republics

In furtherance of what Dundonald was talking about, James Lewis weighs in at the American Thinker:

"If you follow the big European media in their English editions, things look pretty dismal. Just check out BBC "News" Online for the latest propaganda blast from the international Left. The Beeb is the new Pravda; its highest priority is to promote the European Union of Socialist Republics, the EU, headquartered in Brussels. In London itself, Parliament has progressively less to say about British law than the EU does, feeding tens of thousands of Euro-directives into Britain, to control more and more of everyday life including new kinds of criminal offenses like politically incorrect speech, foreign and trade policy, and a nascent Euro-military. The Royal Navy was just cut in half, presumably to feed the welfare system and make way for the European Army. In the new European Union of Socialist Republics, every haulage truck will be monitored by satellite to make sure that it drives exactly where it's told to, doesn't pollute, and doesn't drive too fast. Private cars are next.

If you read the European media in their own languages (or use web translation) things looks even worse. Domestic audiences in Europe get hefty doses of Politically Correct dogma, simply filled with obsessive anti-Americanism. Europe's ruling class needs an enemy to sell their people on the scam of the EU. National loyalties are constantly being undermined, and the EU is trying to inculcate an artificial Euro-patriotism instead...

It's not called the European Union, with its echoes of the Soviet Union, just by accident. Like the old Soviet Union the EU is a hierarchy of bureaucratic committees ("soviet" means committee), it claims to be democratic, peace-loving and internationalist, and it is run purely from the top. It is also in the habit of constantly lying to the public, with few visible consequences."


Dundonald said...

The EU’s apologists often cite the recent membership of former Soviet bloc countries; asking why such countries would surrender their freedom so soon after acquiring it. On closer inspection, the explanation is obvious: the same people are in charge. A prime example is the EU’s tax and customs union commissioner Laszlo Kovács, a former member of the Hungarian Communist Party and personal friend of the former dictator János Kádár. Although he denies ever having been a member of the secret police, a youthful looking Kovács in a Munkásörseg uniform has recently surfaced.

The former President of the EU Commission and current Italian Premier, Romano Prodi, was alleged to have been the “KGB’s man in Rome” by Alexander Litvinenko, before his revelations resulted in being fed a fatal dose of Polonium-210.

The process of “engrenage” over a period of over 30 years—the method often attributed to Jean Monnet—coupled with deafening silence by British Governments over the same period, has allowed a new Soviet to preside over Europe. The good news however, is that the only other Commonwealth member to have fallen for this scam, Malta, is waking up to reality rather quickly.