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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Iron Lady Gets Bronze Statue

Former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher, stands in front of a bronze statue of herself, inside the Palace of Westminster, earlier today.

The unveiling of the 7ft 6in (2.3 meter) bronze by sculptor Antony Dufort took place Wednesday evening in the Members' Lobby and Baroness Thatcher is the first living ex-Prime Minister to be honoured in such a way by the Commons.

It will face that of her predecessor and political hero Winston Churchill.

An earlier statue of Lady Thatcher in white marble, which had been on display in the Guildhall Art Gallery, in the City of London, awaiting transfer to the Commons, was decapitated by a protester in 2002.

At Wednesday's unveiling, Baroness Thatcher, who officially gave up public speaking in 2002 because of ill health, said: "I might have preferred iron - but bronze will do.

"It won't rust. And, this time I hope, the head will stay on."


Younghusband said...

Was there such a clamour up and down the land to honour her in such a needlessly divisive way?
And where's her handbag?

Scott said...

Rather brilliantly, all MPs passing it will have to look up to her. "Rightly so", as Guido said.

Neil Welton said...

What are politicians doing on here? Monarchists should always try and remain politically impartial and neutral - unless, of course, they are highlighting a politician who has chosen to make himself (or herself) an enemy of the Crown. For monarchists should always try to avoid the temptation (however strongly and keenly felt) to try to publicly associate their own private political beliefs with that of our impartial Sovereign. So many monarchists fall into this trap and then do more harm to our great cause than good. For in Britain I know good and loyal monarchists in The Labour Party and in the Liberal Democratic Party. I also know that only around 40% of the population vote for a Government, whilst the other 60% don't. Some facts worth noting when campaigning.

Anonymous said...

I share your concern, Neil, and have written on it before (see Reincarnated Whiggish Rabble in the sidebar), but politicians have been on here since day one: Bush, Blair, Brown; Howard, Harper, Helen - Churchill, a politician, is our patron.

I think it's time I drafted an "About" for this blog, so that everyone knows where we stand. We are not politically motivated here, but we are not politically neutral either. I think we should avoid political partisanship, but we are not a politically correct monarchist league. In any event, we are much much more than a monarchist blog, being as we are Old World traditionalists, defenders of global Britishness and British institutions, and naturally inclined towards loyalist patriotism against the squalid designs of both the Internationalist Left and the Ultra-Nationalist Right.

The Monarchist

Neil Welton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neil Welton said...

I just thought I would make the point. I think an "About" section would be a good idea in case anybody got the wrong idea. I guess it all boils down to how you personally define Britishness. This can be quite subjective as opinion polls always prove. Yet I think most people in a poll would agree about Churchill, but Thatcher and Blair might be pushing it a bit, especially for the more Old World Traditionalists who value things "as they used to be". Naturally I prefer being politically neutral to being politically correct, but then I also prefer being politically inclusive to politically exclusive. For a big trampoline is always more fun than a smaller one. Don't you think?