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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Reforming the Reformation

I wonder what the great Archbishop Thomas Cranmer will say of this:

Church of Rome set to overtake the Church of England in Britain

Roman Catholicism is set to become the dominant religion in Britain for the first time since the Reformation because of massive migration from Catholic countries across the world.

Catholic parishes will swell by hundreds of thousands over the next few years after managing years of decline, according to a new report, as both legal and illegal migrants enter the country.

It says that the influx of migrants could be the Catholic community’s “greatest threat” or its “greatest opportunity”.

While in some places the Catholic Church has responded positively, in others it has been “overwhelmed” by the scale of the challenge. The growth of Catholicism in Britain comes as the established Church of England and the Anglican provinces in Scotland, Wales and Ireland face continuing, if slow, decline.

So much for the Reformation. As it was in the beginning, it is in the end: For the Christian West, it would appear that all roads lead to Rome. Even if they are in Canterbury or York.

Update: His Grace weighs in


A Quantum Liberal said...

I wonder what you think of this?

or closer to home

When the baby boomers die off Canada, so to will christianity in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I think the sooner the Boomers die off the better it will be for Western civilisation. It is because of them that we are in this situation in the first place.


Cranmer said...

His Grace is profoundly concerned by these demographic changes, which simply confirm the sinister Roman dimension of the EU which is ignored by the MSM. Such a sea-change will augment Rome's self-perceived right to be the sole spiritual authority in the UK, and will hasten constitutional changes which are abound to include amendment of the Act of Settlement 1701. The Monarchy's raison-d'etre will thereby be undermined, and the wheel will have come full circle.

Anonymous said...

But think what fun it will be to watch the Muslims and Catholics snarl and snap at each other over the corpse of Anglican Britain.

I am personally more concerned about the death of the mother country's true gods - freedom and commerce.


Anonymous said...

As a Catholic and a monarchist, I am offended at such talk. I foresee Catholics and Anglicans alike allying against the radical Muslims in Britain. I mean, look what happened when Benedict said something even slightly "offensive" to Muslims, they protested in front of Westminster Cathedral threatening his life.

Anonymous said...

As a Muslim, I am offended at such talk by 'anonymous'. He/she is a clear hypocrite, complaining at a Protestant attack upon his faith, while attacking the great faith of Islam. I foresee Muslims united to protect the West from the terminal decline into moral corruption and materialism, which neither Catholicism nor Anglicanism have managed. I mean, look at what Christians have done to Islam and Muslims for centuries. It is time for your hypocrisy to stop.

The Monarchist said...

I agree with the Muslim who says that he is concerned by the intellectual and moral decline of the West into fundamental secularism and rampant utilitarianism. But I am hell-bent opposed to the Muslim who endorses political Islam's totalitarian prescription of coerced morality, which goes against free will and the separation of church and state. Rendering unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s, is fundamental to our values and prosperity. It is key to what works.

Athos said...

Enjoying the discussion, good sirs. Keep your blades clean and watch where you stick your spear!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I really like this blog.

Anonymous said...

See how easy it is to set the Catholics and Muslims to fighting?

Oh my. What fun.


Unrepentant Jacobite said...

Burton, I'd rather see the Catholics and Anglicans smash both the Muslims AND the Freemasons/globalists.

And with pity for Cranmer, I hope the Act of Settlement is amended, so that a Catholic Stuart may return to the throne of England, as well as another to the throne of Scotland!