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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The Monarchist Message Board

New! Enter The British Crown Commonwealth Message Board for Lively, Lordly and Loyalist discussion! This is a two week trial period to determine if there is a demand for this sort of integrated, off-blog content. With 300 unique visits a day to this site now, and 4,000 expected over the next two weeks, we will see if this idea has any merit, or if it falls flat on its face.

A number of readers have been pushing me to do this for some time now, so it's high time we gave it a whirl. The royal watchers generate more traffic and interest than we do, but we are perhaps the leading monarchist blog - at least the only one that attempts to bring together the whole of the British Crown Commonwealth and looks upon our shared monarchy as a collective heritage worth preserving. Let's see if it leads somewhere!

There is a permanent link to the message board just below the blog header, as well as a return link on the message board itself back to here. The intent is to allow you gentle reader to open a thread of debate or discussion on the various aspects of our shared culture and see where it leads or where it ends. That way we can keep the blog comments relevant to the topic of the posts. I have started the discussion off with the oldest canard on the books...


canicus said...

Would it be acceptable for someone like myself to participate and ask questions despite not being a monarchist and not being a member of the Commonwealth?

Beaverbrook said...

Of course. It's open to the English-speaking world.

Scott said...

Isn't "Loyalist" pro-Irish, and anti-Union?

Beaverbrook said...

I was thinking of Canada's Loyalist tradition (The Empire Loyalists of Canada), and thought it applied universally. Thanks for educating me.

Scott said...

I was wrong, actually. They are hardline Unionists.

Being Anglo-Irish I should probably be expected to have known that. I could do with more sleep, perhaps.