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Monday, 12 March 2007

The Queen calls for understanding

The republicans call for a blow torch.

If a republican press release falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Lewis Holden likes to think so, which is why he enjoys flogging it to the (totally indifferent) masses. It's Commonwealth Day, a day for Commonwealth loyalists, the Queen is calling for understanding, and there low and behold is Mr. Holden, with his peerless artistry for rationalising truth, using the opportunity to slit monarchy's throat. You have to admire the timing. Almost gentlemanly.


Beaverbrook said...

We still love him though, even if he thinks monarchy is out of step with the Commonwealth, or that the 16 Commonwealth Realms are out of step with the more numerous Commonwealth Republics.

I wonder if he knows that the world's democracies are out of step with dictatorships, that the free are out of kilter with the oppressed, that the wealthy are out of tune with the impoverished, and that the good Lord is totally out of whack with the ways of man. Get in step, you!

This is what I mean by the peerless artistry of republican truth. This is art folks, not science.

Lewis said...

Art which is not out of line with monarchist art mind...

Bearhunter said...

Well, the day clearly passed everyone wese down in these parts by without much fuss. I didn't even know it was Commonwealth Day. Nor did anyone else I know. Hardly an intrinsic part of the fabric of our small, but proud nation, then is it?

Beaverbrook said...

Like I said, totally indifferent masses, unless you're a commited republican or a commited monarchist. The discussion is as much part of your fabric as it is ours. People are tuned out.

Bearhunter said...

So you think the monarchy is an irrelevance to the majority of people, then Beaverbrook?

Beaverbrook said...

The Crown is right smack in the centre of our constitutional system of government, so obviously it is not irrelevant. It is the focal hub of a thousand spokes.

But in terms of talking about it, in terms of changing it, people are tuned out. They are oblivious to the discussions, because there is nothing they care to change.

Bearhunter said...

Or perhaps it doesn't occur to them because it means so little to them? The Crown in the centre of government has as much relevance for most people, I would suggest, as the State in the in the centre of government.

Anonymous said...

The European union is evil if england gets kicked out or leaves it, it will be the start of WWIII and the beginning of the end of the world. u look into it if u don't believe me. Look at the Queen's family tree.