Sixty Joyless De-Britished Uncrowned Commonpoor Years (1949-2009)

Elizabeth II Vice-Regal Saint: Remembering Paul Comtois (1895–1966), Lt.-Governor of Québec
Britannic Inheritance: Britain's proud legacy. What legacy will America leave?
English Debate: Daniel Hannan revels in making mince meat of Gordon Brown
Crazy Canucks: British MP banned from Canada on national security grounds
Happy St. Patrick's: Will Ireland ever return to the Commonwealth?
Voyage Through the Commonwealth: World cruise around the faded bits of pink.
No Queen for the Green: The Green Party of Canada votes to dispense with monarchy.
"Sir Edward Kennedy": The Queen has awarded the senator an honorary Knighthood.
President Obama: Hates Britain, but is keen to meet the Queen?
The Princess Royal: Princess Anne "outstanding" in Australia.
H.M.S. Victory: In 1744, 1000 sailors went down with a cargo of gold.
Queen's Commonwealth: Britain is letting the Commonwealth die.
Justice Kirby: His support for monarchy almost lost him appointment to High Court
Royal Military Academy: Sandhurst abolishes the Apostles' Creed.
Air Marshal Alec Maisner, R.I.P. Half Polish, half German and 100% British.
Cherie Blair: Not a vain, self regarding, shallow thinking viper after all.
Harry Potter: Celebrated rich kid thinks the Royals should not be celebrated
The Royal Jelly: A new king has been coronated, and his subjects are in a merry mood
Victoria Cross: Australian TROOPER MARK DONALDSON awarded the VC
Godless Buses: Royal Navy veteran, Ron Heather, refuses to drive his bus
Labour's Class War: To expunge those with the slightest pretensions to gentility
100 Top English Novels of All Time: The Essential Fictional Library
BIG BEN: Celebrating 150 Years of the Clock Tower

Monday, 12 March 2007

A truly British Broadcasting Corp...

The excellent Shire Network News has just put out its latest podcast; it is, as usual, superb. The quick, misanthropic wit of Tom Paine et al, and their unflinching commitment to liberty, victory over terror, and support of the Britannic inheritance, is positively inspiring as well as being consistently - frequently painfully - hilarious. Laugh and learn and cheer up: for though things look ever so glum, these dark times are leading to a breadth and depth of engaged support for the Anglosphere increasingly unprecedented in vigour and intelligence. Their archives hold interviews with Andrew Roberts and Mark Steyn (amongst others), and we would recommend subcsribing to them (free!) on iTunes if - as we suspect - they turn out to be your kind of thing.

With contributors from London, Melbourne, Toronto, Virginia and elsewhere, this is a truly British show (in Beaverbrook's articulate generalised use of that term). The only way we would venture to improve it, would be, of course, to have it broadcast in place of that loathsome, gurgling, grot, the 'Today' show on Radio 4, or some other equally dispensable half an hour (hard to pick really...) on the BBC's many tax-funded and utterly useless stations.