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Monday, 2 April 2007

Wanted: Nelson

The Iranian Hostage Outrage is already too much of an infamy for Britons to bare, though many haven't the love of country or history to feel its full weight. Nevertheless, a number have already protested this naked act of piracy outside the Iranian Embassy in London: and a second protest, even larger, is planned for this Wednesday (4th April). This will be the second of two protests organised by Free the Navy 15!, and The Monarchist will, with all good luck, be attending - complete with Iranian flags, lighter fluid, well-rehearsed "Death to Iran" chants, and a plan to take hostages (oh wait, that's them, not us).

Seriously: all you need to bring is yourself and any spare spine you can find (Tony Blair stands in perilous want). Otherwise you'll never be able to sing or hear 'Rule Britannia' again without the kind of exquisite embarrassment and consciousness of utter and complete irrelevance usually the preserve of Italians.


Beaverbrook said...

The Royal Navy used to fret that it wasn't strong enough to defend Great Britain. Now they worry that it's not strong enough to protect the navy.

Lord Nelson said...

Somebody ask for me? Yes, it's hard to believe this is the country of Drake, Nelson and Jellicoe anymore. I'm profoundly disturbed by our current state.

Anonymous said...

It truly does make one wish for the days of Nelson. Hell, at this point I'd take bloody Thatcher! While the whole Falklands affair was one she entered into for political reasons, at least she had the spine to do something, and without waiting for permission from the yanks first either!

Cato, author of said...

I bitterly regret that I shan't be with the protesters tomorrow, stuck here as I am in Edinburgh. If there were only an Iranian consulate up here, I would take the Consul into custody for straying on to the wrong side of the pavement I pay council tax to maintain...