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Monday, 21 May 2007

Honour our traditions

Kudos to columnist Joseph Quesnel who, in his May 12 column in the Winnipeg Sun, castigated Charles Roach, a lawyer from Toronto now attempting a class action lawsuit against the government for requiring newcomers to recite an oath of allegiance to the monarch.

The oath, he said, "violates" his Charter .

Roach was born a British subject in Trinidad and Tobago and is now a permanent resident. He would recite the oath when he became a lawyer, but he was denied citizenship when he applied for it back when he needed it for admission to the bar. He asked the judge to change it, which he refused.

It is right to protest oppressive practices wherever they occur, but this is not one of them. Roach was asked to affirm the government of the country he immigrated to.

If he refuses, I hope he never gets citizenship. If Roach wants discussions on the monarchy, he can become a citizen first and enter the debate. Until then, he is a guest who should play by the rules.

It is disrespectful when some newcomers demand that Canada alter its history and tradition to suit them, rather than the other way around. Roach would probably not appreciate it if I went to his birth country and demanded the same.

If he can't handle our monarchy, he should have thought about that first.

Our system is monarchical. Our head of state is the Queen. Our founding document is the British North America Act, which states our Constitution is similar to that of Great Britain.

It is insulting that Justice Edward Belobaba, the presiding judge, referred to Queen Elizabeth as an "offshore queen." Reviewing our history, the Queen is as Canadian as the maple leaf or the beaver.

We made deliberate choices to downplay this. Roach's attitudes stem from government choices, one of which is decades of accommodating Quebec and separatism and the other is misguided multiculturalism.

We were taught Canada must be all things to all people and in the process we forgot our own past and traditions.

We consciously changed the Red Ensign in response to Quebec separatism. I love our flag, but we didn't need to change it to be independent. Australia and New Zealand retained the Union Jack and no one argues those countries don't have their own identity.

We avoided God Save the Queen, which is our royal anthem, as a way to hide our British roots.

We almost lost our country in the recent Quebec referendum and these changes did nothing.

Roach said he opposes the monarchy because, "Blacks were colonized as a people by the British throne, and were enslaved as a people by the British throne."

Perhaps he missed British abolitionism or the British tradition which includes values of limited government, freedom of speech and association, stretching to Magna Carta.

As a French-Canadian, it was the Quebec Act of 1774, passed by Britain, which guaranteed my ancestors the right to speak their language and practice their faith and legal tradition.

This is what the oath is really about.


Anonymous said...

This idiot should be tossed out on his ear. I'm bloody fed up of these clowns who want citizenship on their term. To me it is take it or leave it. Goto Oz or NZ and try your stupid stunt there.

jeff davidson said...

an oath of allegiance to the queen? how utterly childish...

Anonymous said...

"an oath of allegiance to the queen? how utterly childish... "

Depends how you mean that. Is he being stupid or are implying Canadians are being stupid by expecting him to honour Canadian laws as they are at the moment. Do you want to hand Canada over to every idiot who come into this country

Anonymous said...

Try this on the IoM and we'd give you a Viking longship. A flaming one, floating away from the coast. Leve Dronningen!


JJ said...

What, exactly is wrong with referring to QE2 as an "offshore queen?" In what way is this an inaccurate statement? Has she moved to Winnipeg sometime in the last few months and no one told me?

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

At least this clown is not getting funding from the Court Challenges Program...

Matt Bondy said...

Unrelated, Beaverbrook:

Just FYI

Beaverbrook said...

"Offshore queen" sounds like offshore tax haven or some such. It is the tone, not the accuracy, of the connotation.

Rafal Heydel-Mankoo said...

One cannot help but reflect that if Mr. Roach had desired to obtain United States citizenship but refused to swear allegiance to the Flag and the Constitution he would no doubt receive the equivalent of a legal and media tar and feathering. I seriously doubt whether the law makers of that fallen child of the Empire would seriously entertain a challenge to the oath. Alas, it is one of the downsides of a tolerant, benevolent and accommodating Crown that such antics are permitted within our own realm.

Beaverbrook said...

Well said!

Younghusband said...

Agree with Heydel-Mankoo. It shows a contempt and paternalistic condescension towards Canadians that some guy can come to our country and tell us that our system of government and allegiance(which served him well in two world wars, a point forgotten) while he advises us isn't good enough for us. Why does he dare do so for our little country and not attempt the same in his own, let alone the US?

redtown said...

No one is forcing him to pledge allegiance to the Queen.
He is free to return to his own country, or find another.

This is like being a guest in someone's home, then telling the host before the meal,
"I refuse to say grace with your family; it offends me."

wanna-be-sailor-of-the-queen said...

Off-shore Queen. That's a laugh. Dollars to doughnuts if you roll that slimebag judge you'll find a Liberal party membership card and tax receipts for political donations to the same. The monarchy is inextricably entwined in our heritage, culture and political institutions. Canada is what it is because of the Crown, not in spite of it. Referring to Her Majesty as a foreign queen is the biggest Liberal lie since "sure we'll keep our election promises" and "your tax dollars are safe with us."

Gene said...

Mark Steyn provides a great analysis of this wacko's case in his latest column in The Western Standard.