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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Liberals Plan Sweeping Changes to Her Majesty's Canadian Forces

In a bid to return to power over the Afghanistan issue, the Liberal Party of Canada is to apparently announce in the coming days that the identity and role of the Canadian Forces as it has been is not in keeping with the vision, philosophy and defence policy that it wants to project to the world. Committed to disarmament, re-construction of the Developing World, and International Peacekeeping, it has decided that the CF should reflect the values it embraces.

Henceforth under the Liberal policy, all regiments and corps of the Canadian army will be amalgamated into one to be called, 'SoldiersCanada'. There will be no more distinctions between branches or functions. All will be one.

All the Colours, Queen's and Regimental, will be replaced with one flag to be carried by SoldiersCanada on parade. This flag, made of green, bio-degradable hemp, reflects the identity and principles of Canada's peacekeepers. Emblazoned in the centre is the symbol of peace in the colours of the rainbow to reflect Canada's commitment to diversity, tolerance, affirmative action and gender indifference.

The new motto for SoldiersCanada is, 'Forget. Forgive. Social Justice'. All soldiers will wear the new cap badge with the symbol of peace and a maple leaf.The New Colours will take the place of traditional battle honours and will replace both the Queen's and Regimental Colours

Sources leak that the Liberals plan to state that there will no longer be 'Defence' forces but 'Peace Forces', and that it is time to turn our backs on the war-mongering years in which the Canadian Forces were used as imperial oppressors against humanity. Under the plan, the Department of National Defence would be renamed the Department of National Safety and International Peace.

It has been reported that upon hearing this new template vision, the Chief of the Defence Staff went into a rage and blasted the Liberal Opposition for 'betraying everything that the CF has stood for and paid with their blood!' The CDS, a veteran of many campaigns, said such a move would be insulting to the soldiers under his command and that he would resign if ever implemented. Other senior officers, including those currently engaged in combat, have expressed shock and dismay at this turn of events, and have indicated a willingness to leave the forces if such changes were to ever materialize.

It has also been revealed that, in addition to the proposed changes within the would-be former army, the navy would be identified as 'SeaCanada' and the air force as 'FlightCanada' whose crests would also be changed from their ensigns to the new Peace Forces flag.

'Because military uniforms are intimidating and carry with them the baggage of imperialism and war, all Peace Forces personnel would be issued new DCD, i.e., Designated Civilian Dress, with trousers and shirts in rainbow colours and consisting primarily of natural fibres.

There are indications that other changes will come as the story develops.

Credit to Gregory Benton at the Army, Navy, Air Force Forum.


Anonymous said...

Scary because in this day and age it doesn't seem so far fetched. In fact I was convinced it might be true until I saw the "proposed flag." How far we've fallen....

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a case of "leave your testicles at the doorway".
How long till you see Canadian soldiers having their heads cut off on the internet?

Canadi-anna said...

So handcuff our guys and let the other guys run around with guns.

Remember Rawanda?

Apparently the Liberals don't, or else they simply don't care.

Conrad said...

You've gotta be kidding.....right? Although it sounds like something the Liberals would do. Remember the integration of the services under Paul Hellyer?

redtown said...

Churchill’s prediction following the 1938 Munich appeasement is no less true today --

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

PS: Anon.1:03 --
But that's the whole point of the liberal/ Jean/ feminist programme: castrate the patriarchy and sing Kumbaya...

William said...

That is a great parody because I can believe it. The liberals are the Cheese eating surrender monkeys of North America.

Younghusband said...

God, don't scare me like that...
If Harry now WON'T be going to Iraq because it's been judged not to be worth the risk, why is Britain there at all?

Beaverbrook said...

It was meant as a parody to understand what it was like in 1968 when the RCN and RCAF were suddenly deprived of their traditional esprit de corps. This is very much how it must have felt.

redtown said...

This just in!


Ministry of Defense says deployment too dangerous for 3rd in line to throne

LONDON (AP)- Britain’s Prince Harry will not be sent with his unit to Iraq, Britain’s top general said Wednesday, citing specific threats to the third in line to the throne and the risks to his fellow soldiers.

Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt, the army chief of staff who recently traveled to Iraq, said the changing situation on the ground exposed the prince to too much danger. Media scrutiny of Harry’s potential deployment exacerbated the situation, he said.

“There have been a number of specific threats, some reported and some not reported, that relate directly to Prince Harry as an individual,” Dannatt said. “These threats exposed him and those around him to a degree of risk I considered unacceptable.”

(The above from msnbc -- probably on all wire services)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by the left in Canada. Why do they really feel the need for change? After all the Canadian armed forces are called a "Defence Force" hardly "war-mongering".

I believe there would be some other issue at play here, look more deeply at it.

Anonymous said...

Get with the times! Canadian Forces not Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian government is not led by the Liberal party but rather the Conservative party. Whoever wrote this article and thought up the idea of this peace loving unified army does not have clue one what they are talking about (ignorance must be bliss) and must have cow ****** for brains. Put that person on meds...quick.
Also, what a crock of *****. Why put someone into the armed forces of a country but then not let them do their job. Hey, I wish I was a prince, wear the uniform, and not have to fight.

Beaverbrook said...

The person who wrote this article deliberately intended it as a spoof.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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piddingworth said...

I am sorry to have caused distress to some readers.
It could be that my spoof
about changes in the Forces was not entirely in context
and originally appeared as a potential news report.

It was a reply to some in another forum who were having some difficulty in appreciating precisely what all the fuss was about at the time of the unification of the forces.

I was there.

The only reason I mentioned the 'Liberals' was because it was they who did the deed back then and subsequently starved the unified forces to almost a vapour.

It was pure tongue-in-cheek, but with an underlying message of how the euthanisation of one's identity and tradition is a serious blow to the proverbial 'gut'.

Patrice de Montréal said...

About that flag you just created, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the motto written in French. I can understand the intention because where I come, a majority of residents seem against any military actions from the Canadian Army. Moreover, that majority don't seem to care either about Rememberance day, etc. Therefore, many other Quebeckers (or French Canadians) care for their armed forces. They wear their poppies on their coat, they're behind the troops (especially the Vandoos). I'm proud of our soldiers accomplishment in Afghanistan and I thank all the vets who made a huge sacrifice by fighting in Europe during WWI and WWII (they didn't listen to all those anticonscriptionists and I thank them very much). I must say that Queens and Regimental colours are very beautiful.