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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Sign the Petition today!

We, the undersigned veterans, citizens and residents of Canada, and loyal subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, call upon Parliament to take whatever action is necessary to officially resume, restore and reinstate usage of such Royal designations in time for the 2010 centennial celebrations of the Canadian navy, such that the Canadian navy is styled or reincorporated as the Royal Canadian Navy and its abbreviated expression RCN, and the Canadian air force is styled or reincorporated as the Royal Canadian Air Force and its abbreviated expression RCAF, and such styling or reincorporation is made retroactive to February 1, 1968.

Go to the Petition Blog and sign the online petition now!

Spread the word; tell all your friends and family. My apologies to our brethren across the pond, down south and Down Under - Canadian citizens and residents only.


Anonymous said...

We don't need the Queen - let's get rid of the Royal Family. Canada should grow up and be independant - it's way overdue.

Canadi-anna said...

anonymous -- Canada already is independent. Why is it people are so bent on denying our heritage and making us into the United States?

When new Canadians swear allegiance to the Crown, or when Canada has the GG as our head of state, we are acknowledging and institution that is above people and politics and more lasting than a piece of cloth.

And that wasn't what this post is about.


Canadi-anna said...

Just to clarify -- by 'people' I meant politicians.

James said...

Sadly, it's not just politicians. Citizens for a Canadian Republic is organizing its annual "Poo-poo to the Queen" walk along Queen Street in downtown Toronto this Victoria Day - hillariously dubbed a "Pro-Democracy March." Who do these people think they are? Rosa Parkes? I can only imagine what people who live under the oppression of dictators would say to CCR's "pro-democracy" bid. Pathetic.

BTW- I'm surprised nobody here has made mention of CCR executive Charles Roach's class action suit claiming the requirement in the citizenship oath of stating allegiance to the Queen contradicts his freedom of conscience under the Charter. His whiney argument is just too easy to pick to pieces...

Beaverbrook said...

It was up top and centre as a pathetic-worthy newsbit for a couple of days under the rubric, "Not Amused".

Beaverbrook said...

Other than that, I wasn't going to waste my breath on the Roach's antics.

Matt Bondy said...


Are we to understand that the validity of 'e-signatures' has been cleared up?

Kipling said...

Thanks for your efforts Beaverbrook! I just signed.

Beaverbrook said...

Thanks, Kipling and all so far. A permanent link on your own sites to the petition would be helpful.

Matt, any good petition is won before its presented. Both are required: one to get hopefully a groundswell of public support over the next year; and the other to make the narrow requirements of Parliamentary approval.

Younghusband said...

"apologies to our brethren across the pond, down south and Down Under - Canadian citizens and residents only."
What about the other pond? I signed it from Beijing and I can't see how they could know whether or not I'm a Canadian citizen.
In the comment box I asked with what mandate do transitory politicians enjoy that they feel they have the right to erase an entire country's history, heritage and traditions, secured through the sacrifice and loss of generations.
Like Canadi-anna said,if they wish to recreate Canada in the image of the United States, why not be open about it and negotiate for its sell-off?