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Monday, 18 June 2007

For the Glory of Mister Blair

Great Britain sounds like a nation besieged with Tony Blair of all people going on about red lines on the EU's future:

1. Britain will not accept a treaty that allows the charter of fundamental rights to change UK law in any way

2. Britain will not agree to “something that displaces the role of British foreign policy and our foreign minister”

3. Britain “will not agree to give up our ability to control our common law and judicial and police system”

4. Britain “will not agree to anything that moves to qualified majority voting something that can have a big say in our own tax and benefits system”

There is but one red line, Mister Blair. Let me spell it out for the outgoing Prime Minister who must be really friggin worried about his legacy and the fact that he may go down in history as the man who devolved, diminished and destroyed Britain:

Britain will not, nor will it ever, accept something that further diminishes its national sovereignty and independence, it's constitutional order and the political and civil liberties and traditional way of life of its people.

Full Stop.

But honestly now, how could you let it get this far? And don't give us that doggy drip about how Britain was isolated in Europe until you came around. The whole prestige, historical greatness and good fortune of Britain is wrapped up in centuries of splendid isolation! Our ancestors understood that - they fought hard for their political freedoms, for their habeus corpus, for their King and Country in two world wars - they don't appreciate some piss ant risking it all away based on some misguided notion of isolation.

So why now? Because our beloved Blair is very afraid of referendums, because he knows the people will say no to an EU Constitution - so they must be placated and outfoxed to keep his personal dreams and ambition alive. We know, even as he refuses to admit, that he especially covets the permanent presidency of Europe, even if it means reducing Her Majesty to a subservient role as his future Lieutenant-Governor of England. It was never about isolation, it was about glory - not the glory of a nation, but the personal vainglory of one man who would never be content with the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his gods.

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Neil Welton said...

"Britain will not, nor will it ever, accept something that further diminishes its national sovereignty and independence, it's constitutional order and the political and civil liberties and way of life of its people."


Which political party are we supposed to support then?

Dundonald said...


Beaverbrook said...

So long, Mr. Blair. I shall follow your vainglorious pursuits with mocking interest.

Younghusband said...

And the punchline is that the UK has never been as isolated from the continent as under the Blair regime.

Roy Eappen said...

Baroness thatcher as usual is right!

Cato, author of said...

You know, after 10 years of Mr Blair doing nothing, he rather has the appearance of King Canute up to his neck in water trying to hold back the tide - a bit late now mate.