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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Thatcher 'appalled' after Falklands flag is snubbed at Trooping the Colour

The Falklands flag has taken a place of honour in my classroom here in Beijing in remembrance of the sacrifice 25 years ago that saw the islands liberated from fascist Argentine aggression.
However, it appears the British Government holds no such feelings for the flag, as former PM Margaret Thatcher found to her horror.

Apparently Lady Thatcher has told friends she is "appalled" at the Government's refusal to fly the Falklands flag at Trooping the Colour when the territory has far more right to be recognised than Commonwealth states which enjoy only marginal links to the Crown.

By way of example, the Evening Standard has reported that in Horse Guards Parade, flying next to the Union Jack was the flag of the former Portuguese colony Mozambique which only joined the Commonwealth in 1995. Its flag a Russian-made AK47 assault rifle with fixed bayonet.

A friend of the former Prime Minister revealed that, prior to the event, when told the Falkland Islands' ensign would not be flying but Mozambique would be represented, she replied: "That's appalling. They really should have made room for the Falklands this year. Perhaps they should have more flagpoles."


Beaverbrook said...

Your image was corrupted so I removed it. please chack the post after you publish to make sure everything works...thanks

Beaverbrook said...

What was the image, by the way? Falkland's Flag?

Younghusband said...

Sorry, I checked and it had saved OK. I had tried saving one image but it didn't work so I used the one of my classroom instead which is visible now as I check this morning. Maybe it was this earlier image that I thought hadn't been saved which caused the problems...
When it comes to anything I post, feel free to edit at will (as long as you don't have me supporting the war in Iraq or baby seal clubbing).

Dundonald said...

I'm surprised you're allowed to display the flag of British Hong Kong in Beijing.

El Jefe Maximo said...

That is beyond disgusting. Lady Thatcher's comment is far more charitable to the persons who made such decisions than mine would have been.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of your classroom! Especially the British Empire Flag directly above the computer, where did you find a copy of that? I've been looking for ages! At any rate, has there been any official word from the British Government for this? Were any other flags of Overseas Territories left out? But it is especially bad for the Falklands to be left out, given the anniversary year. I'm surprised I missed this, I think I was just so happy to see the Commonwealth flags at all I didn't notice.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Margaret Thatcher on that one. And the Falkland Flag is one of the most beautiful blue enseign I've ever seen.