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Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Duke of Edinburgh in Fine Form

Prince Philip: "What does your party stand for nowadays then?"
Gerald Howarth, Tory MP: "For the defence of the Kingdom, sir".
Prince Philip: "Bollocks".

Hat tip: Ian Dale

Update: The Grand Old Duke in not so fine a form according to this report.


David Byers said...

Pretty much sums up why Prince Philip is not one of my favorite royals. Thank GOD our Queen is not like him!

Kipling said...

I have to disagree with the previous comment. The Duke has always been one of my favourite royals. Bollocks indeed.

Anonymous said...

The DoE is definitely my favorite (after HM of course).

Lord Best said...

If this had been some puffed up comedian saying this everyone would be congratulating him on being such a terrific anti-establishment chap. The fact that it suddenly becomes rude and reprehensible because its the DoE ia hypocritical.

Neil Welton said...

Hee! Hee! If only the Tories would realise it isn't a joke.

Beaverbrook said...

This man is one of my contemporary heroes. His comment is neither rude, nor gaffe-prone, as the media baby boomers usually try to portray him. He is an 86-year-old serving member of the Second World War generation, that greatest of breeds who might otherwise be known as the blunt truthers. It was a great response by the Tory MP, but until they start actually defending the realm, I'm afraid bollocks is the right instinct. The PC crowd be damned.

Neil Welton said...

I'll second that. Anyone who dare speak their mind nowadays simply opens themselves up to vicious ridicule and personalised hatred of the most vile kind. Just read some of the "responses" from so-called Conservatives.

Once you've stopped ridiculing them consider this. They are the voices of Conservatism. What hope for Britain?

David Byers said...

Prince Philip has, in the past, said things during Royal Visits to Australia that have very much damaged the Crown here. One thing I can seem to remember reading was during a visit in 1970 with his remarks about Australia not being a united country and it was because of Catholics and Protestants being at each other.

The other was an international embarrassment of say to journalist in China "you'll get slantly eyes if you stay here too long".

As for "show us ya" saying he is not Gaffe Prone get a life there are books on the subject!!!

I'm not into the PC rubbish so don't label me as such.

PS I see by your little photo your still playing "solder boy"

Time to grow up Beaverbrook

Matt Bondy said...

That report on the Duke isn't all that encouraging, eh? We'll keep him in our prayers. Perhaps those of us who practise within the Anglican Church can ask that a prayer be included in the Mass.


Beaverbrook said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Byers said...

If one is to promote the Monarchy one must consider things like Prince Philip "speaking his mind" as that is NOT his role, nor should it be! Prince Philip is a consort to our Sovereign – no more no less. As for him serving in the armed forces in the Second World War, so what many millions of common people did that too and took far greater risk.

Anonymous said...

'The other was an international embarrassment of say to journalist in China "you'll get slantly eyes if you stay here too long".'

That was a completely innocent comment that was blown up by hungry media.

David Byers said...

Seems the Prince makes a lot "innocent comments" does it not?