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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

New Monarchist in Town

By David Byers (Convenor of ACM in Country, New South Wales)

Dr. Brendan Nelson, an avowed monarchist, has been elected the new leader of the federal Liberal Party of Australia. Dr. Nelson recently gave an address to the annual conference of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, which was very well received. As convenor of Country NSW branch of ACM I wish him all the best as I do all parliamentarians (of any party) that support the Crown.

Dr. David Flint (God bless that man) at Australians for Constitutional Monarchy has more...


Beaverbrook said...

I was momentarily shocked at how fast this took place, until I realized that you still pick your leaders the traditional way - by party caucus. Up here in Canada we unfortunately put that decision in the hands of party members, which turns party democracy into an ugly contest of who can sell (or buy)the most memberships.

I much prefer the old way. Look how efficient it is! Republican Rudd hasn't even taken office, and the opposition has already circled the wagons and is gunning to take him on!

Beaverbrook said...

A constitutional monarchist rather than a royalist. You won't find any complaints here. The whole cavalier thing never worked down there anyways.

Lord Best said...

It is a pity he is corrupt. I am referring to the decision to purchase superhornet jets from Boeing made by Nelson as Minister of Defence. All due processes were ignored and bypassed, all criticism of the jets by defence experts ignored, and the contract was given to Boeing (their Australian head just happens to be a former Liberal minister) without giving other companies who were interested in providing jets to the RAAF a chance to put forward the merits of their aircraft.
It was a damn disgrace which has left Australia, for the first time in our history, without regional air superiority.

David Byers said...

To be honest Beaverbrook, I really believe the whole Royalist vs Monarchist is to differentiate between those who love to read Royal gossip columns and those who support the Crown.

What the word "Royalist" might have once meant is irrelevant.

David Byers said...

Lord Best, I'm really starting to wonder what your views are. You claim to be a "Young Fogey" but seem to be against anyone in Australia who seems the least conservative. I wonder what REALLY motivates you. When promoting the Crown I don't get into saying anything negative on someone who support it in the open way that Dr Nelson does. Very strange indeed!

Neil Welton said...

Excellent news - especially over breakfast. Looks like we have a double celebration on our hands. Thank you David for keeping us all informed as usual.

I note Kevin Rudd has appointed Peter Garrett as Environment Minister. He of Midnight Oil fame. Remember them. The songs Beds Are Burning and Dreamworld are now on YouTube. Just groovy!

I wonder if Peter is a funky and groovy monarchist too.

Now, as you know, I'm not one to give my opinions. :-)

However, I would advise our dear Beavers to remove that post by Lord Best unless you can afford a good legal team - you'd be surprised who reads this blog.

Lord Best said...

I am a conservative, the problem I have with Howard and his ministers is their incompetence and their seeming lack of conservatism when it came to anything or anyone who disagreed with them. They had no respect for institutions, however venerable, if they did not follow party doctrine. It verged on Soviet style stifling of free speech in some cases.
As for my previous comment, it is well reported in the Australian media, particularly by investigative reporters for the ABC.
As it happens I am pleased a loyal Monarachist is leader of the Liberal party, but I will not support a corrupt ot incompetent politician simply because he is conservative. That only undermines our cause by damaging its integrity.

Neil Welton said...

Here's something interesting.

Kevin Rudd's new Education Minister who is also Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was born in Barry, south Wales - just a few miles from my Cardiff.

Wonder if she's a monarchist. :-)

David Byers said...

Neil, Julia Gillard a Monarchist? No way I'm sorry to tell you.

Lord Best, Ok I accept that this is how you feel but don't put too much trust in anything reported on the ABC, as if they don't have an agenda!!!

Neil Welton said...

Hee! Hee! I thought not.

Lord Best said...

I scrutinise everything i see and hear on the media, including the ABC, but as it happens I have a great interest in defence matters and was highly critical of Nelsons decision before I saw it on the ABC.
Credit where credit is due, Nelson has been very impressive on the issue of the Monarchy. I only hope the dubious decision on the Superhornets and lacklustre performance in education is not used by Labor to damage the credibility of the Monarchist movement through the new opposition leader.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that Brendan Nelson, who is from a left-wing family background, is a convert to Liberalism and a monarchist. This should serve as an example and model to Labor voters with Liberal and monarchist sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps more accurately the last sentence should read: This should serve as an example and model to Labor voters with potential Liberal and potential or actual monarchist sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Julia Gillard, eh? She of the flirtatious rivalry with Tony Abbott? It reminds me inescapably of the weekly love-in between Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo on "This Week" every Thursday in the UK... Come to think of it, that's starting in a few minutes... cheerioh!


Shaftesbury said...

Let us hope he does not besmirch the idea of Loyalism via any negative actions ...

Lewis said...

Neil - in answer to your question re Peter Garrett's thoughts on the monarchy:

Neil Welton said...

Well, one lives in hope.

Anyway, what are you trying to do?

Give me a headache. :-)

Lewis said...

Headache? No. I thought you liked Midnight Oil. Granted, they're hardly a Welsh choir :-)

Neil Welton said...

One must be in the mood for Midnight Oil.

Be assured late Sunday evening is not the time for that mood - especially the Oil mood.

Now a Welsh choir or Bryn Terfel...