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Saturday, 17 November 2007

"World's Saddest Protest"

Perhaps the most pathetic public demonstration ever orchestrated against the monarchy. What is the name of this embarrassing ragtag? What sickly, pitiable and feebly disloyal weed actually conceived and organized this? How implausibly sad.


Kipling said...

Take heart Beaverbrook, if this is the best they can do the Crown is pretty safe here in the "Great Dominion" as Churchill called. The Australian Republicans are a more serious threat. I found the whole thing very amusing, particularly the bit about being "oppressed" by the monarchy. There are so many republics in the world, please take your pick.

Shaftesbury said...

Do these people not have a more fruitful hobby to partake of?

Freddie was never anti-canada! said...

I think that there has always been much more support for the monarchy in Canada than in Australia. If this is the best Canadian republicans can do, Canadian monarchists having nothing to worry about.

As for the counter-demonstration, fancy taking to the streets to protest against Queen: what did Freddie Mercury et al. ever do to Canada? However, Queen could be anti-Australia: they were booed off the stage at the Sunbury rock festival just out of Melbourne in 1974, and Freddie vowed never to return Down Under. Not that it would bother Fred much anymore where he is now.

redtown said...

The police officer in the video was nothing but polite and professional.
How juvenile that as soon as the police car drove off, the cowardly little republican screamed "fascist!"

"Why don't you just shutup!"....King Juan Carlos

Anonymous said...

What sad little pathetic fools they are, republicans should burn at the steak!!

God save the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beaverbrook said...

Some of you gents should watch it again. The guy who jokingly yelled "fascist" is a comedian and was pretending to partake in the protest only, in order to get it on film. As he told the police, he was actually protesting the banning of the Queen, to which the officer chuckled. In its sad little way, I thought the entire clip was pure entertainment.

Neil Welton said...

Public protest or online humiliation.

freddie was never anti-canada! said...

Well, yes, Beaverbrook. I was attempting to be facetious about the 'counter-demonstration'.

JJ said...

Even I agree this was dumb. The monarchy is not an issue one has any reason to "protest" in this fashion. There are thousands of more effective ways to voice opposition to the status quo.

Anonymous said...

If these elderly left-wing guitar-strumming 'beatniks' or whatever are truly representative of Canadian republicanism, the monarchy in Canada has little to worry about. It seems that republicanism in Canada is much more on the fringe than it is in Australia, where it enjoys widespread support across all sections of society. I wonder if we can hope to see a far more effectual demonstration by Canadian monarchists in support of the monarchy in Canada?

Theodore Harvey said...

For a genuine (and better-organized) challenge to the status quo, see this video of a recent monarchist demonstration in Austria:

Theodore Harvey said...

Let me try posting a shorter URL:

David Byers said...

What a bunch of dickheads!

Anonymous said...
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Krys said...

Sad, but amusing, you gotta thank them for that!

Anonymous said...
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