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Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Australian Oath of Loyalty

By David Byers (Convenor of ACM in Country, New South Wales)

The Australian Oath of Loyalty

I, Kevin Rudd, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Australia, Her heirs and
successors according to law.

If politicians have no respect for our Sovereign than why should Loyal Australians have any respect for their new "oaths". My idea is "The Australian Oath of Loyalty" it can be taken by loyal members of the New South Wales Parliament (they might even like to have their own ceremony) or new Australians who wish to make the true Oath or just anyone who would like to sign one and have it framed on the wall in their office or home. I am putting the idea to ACM and trying to have them prettied up. What do you all think?

We must honour the Sovereign. If we do not celebrate the Sovereign in images, than they are out of our sight. If we do not celebrate the Sovereign in song, than they are not in our hearts. If we do not honour our Sovereign in Oaths than we are not bound to them.

That is something I have felt for years and is why the republicans like to take down pictures of the Queen and remove Oath etc. People should at least have the option to make the true Oath. That is why that idea for "The Australian Oath of Loyalty" means so very much indeed to me.


Lord Best said...

Excellent idea, I would very much like to have one framed on my wall, right next to my portrait of His Majesty Edward VII.
And opposite a Dalek, but we can ignore that.

Beaverbrook said...

Go for it. I'm surprised you are displaying the UK coat of arms and not the Australian one?

Beaverbrook said...

Much better with the Royal Arms of Australia!

Anonymous said...
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David Byers said...

I used the British coat of arm as they are the Queens coat of arm and they are also the coat of arm the republicans are removing. At any rate it is only a rough idea and not the final draft.

David Byers said...

Thanks Beaverbrook for helping with the post. Alright the Royal Arms of Australian might be best.

Sorry to ask but would you be albe to remove the document regarding the "Flag Act" 1954. Just that I want the Loyalty Oath up there with the arms and flag as they are part of the design and the "Flag Act" might confuse it a little.

Anonymous said...

Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates à la lanterne!
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates on les pendra!
Si on n’ les pend pas
On les rompra
Si on n’ les rompt pas
On les brûlera.
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates à la lanterne!
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates on les pendra!
Nous n’avions plus ni nobles, ni prêtres,
Ah ! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira,
L’égalité partout régnera.
L’esclave autrichien le suivra,
Ah ! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira,
Et leur infernale clique
Au diable s’envolera.
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates à la lanterne!
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates on les pendra!
Et quand on les aura tous pendus
On leur fichera la pelle au cul

Viscount Feldon said...

The Australian arms are the Queen's as well.

Travis said...

Perhaps both, side by side. Like the beautiful Commonwealth Bank of Australia building in the centre of Perth.

British to the left, Australian the right?

In any case, I support the idea. One coat of arms represents our past, the other our future. I support and respect both as being ours.

Keep up the good work :)