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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Captain Chutzpah Loses Big

Impudence is the worst of all human diseases. - Euripides

Hundreds of serving military personnel have written to me apologizing that they are not permitted to join our petition to Parliament to restore the royal prefix to the Canadian navy and Canadian air force. Queen's Regulations and Orders says so. Yet Captain Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh (formerly Harold Kenny) is allowed to petition the courts to remove the Queen as our Commander-in-Chief, claiming "institutional harrassment".

This perfectly reflects how civilianizing the influence human rights has been on the military in recent years. Because just how in the hell does a Canadian Forces officer with the Queen's Commission, who took an oath faithfully swearing allegiance to Her Majesty, who teaches at the Royal Military College of Canada, carry on an eight year challenge against his Commander-in-Chief, is allowed to even question the central tenet of the Canadian Constitution as a serving officer, even to the point of appealing the decision of the Chief of the Defence Staff (the CDS!) to the Federal Court, without getting thrown out on his ear for disobedience and court martialed for offensively bold behaviour and flagrant disloyalty.

At the very least, if Capt. Chainnigh cannot force himself to toast the Queen over a pint in the Officers Club, the military should send him off to Afghanistan where he may find he has more pressing things to occupy his thoughts. Obviously military officers should not be permitted to carry out their own political vendettas. We can be thankful that a judge has finally put an end to his treasonous shennanigans:

Officer’s lawsuit against allegiance to Queen dismissed

A member of the Canadian military who launched a court case around his refusal to pledge allegiance to the Queen had his Federal Court application dismissed Monday.

Capt. Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh argued that he was subjected to a form of "institutional harassment" by having to pay respect and show loyalty to the Queen or the Union Jack.

He launched a grievance in 2001 with the military which was later rejected by the Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier. He then asked the Federal Court to review Gen. Hillier's decision. In the decision released Monday, Justice R.L. Barnes wrote that the military was "both correct in law and reasonable" to reject his grievance.

"I cannot think of any Canadian institution where an expectation of loyalty and respect for the Queen would be more important than the Canadian Forces," Judge Barnes wrote in the 27-page judgment. "Whether Capt. Mac Giolla Chainnigh likes it or not, the fact is that the Queen is his Commander-in-Chief and Canada's Head of State. A refusal to display loyalty and respect to the Queen where required by Canadian Forces' policy would not only be an expression of profound disrespect and rudeness but it would also represent an unwillingness to adhere to hierarchical and lawful command structures that are fundamental to good discipline."
Indeed. Let us be done with him. Justice Barnes deserves a firm handshake, a pat on the back, and a pint on the house.

God Save the Queen!

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Shaftesbury said...

If the "good" Captain swore his Oath on the basis of bad faith, then I feel that there should be a means of cashiering him immediately.

Let him move to the Repuplic of Ireland if he disrespects Her Majesty and the traditions of the Canadian Forces - indeed the traditions of CANADA, so much.

Scott said...


That's all I have to say on the matter.

Scott said...


That's all I have to say on the matter.

Scott said...

And I said it twice.

Guthrum said...

Hells Bells !

David Byers said...

What a bastard, and believe me I could use even stronger language! He should be taken outside and flogged within an inch of his life. What a piss-weak bastard!

Roy Eappen said...

He obviously should resign his commission and seek employment somewhere elese. Did he not notice he was teaching at the Royal Military College?

Lord Best said...

Institutional harassment because he refused to salute his militaries C&C? What kind of weak minded fool is this man?

Irish Tory said...

Im glad to see some sense has prevailed! I assume he was aware that joining the Canadian Armed Forces would necessitate the taking of the oath? It is a choice, he was not compelled to join up! I could understand if there was conscription!

He is one of these 'peacocks' of the world, he probably has no beliefs, if he did, he would not have joined up, he just wants attention!

Maurice said...

F.Y.I.: The Australian Monarchist League


The passing of Sir Edmund Hillary, and the celebration of his life at a State Funeral earlier today, has been marred by republican politicking, both in New Zealand and in Australia. Anti-monarchists have sought to foment dissent because, as they falsely claim, Her Majesty The Queen should have sent a representative.

Under our System, it is the Governor-General of New Zealand who is Her Majesty' Representative in New Zealand. It is a part of our System that neither Her Majesty The Queen, nor any Member of the Royal Family, can Officially visit our Countries, unless invited by our respective Governments. Instead of
inciting criticism of The Sovereign, people should ask; why it was that the New Zealand Government did not act in this regard?

Even republicans must admit that Her Majesty The Queen had recognised Sir Edmund's magnificent achievements during his lifetime, Knighting him shortly after Her Majesty's Coronation in 1953, and again in 1995, honouring him with the Order of the Garter. Furthermore, in what the New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen
Clark, has described as “a very rare and personal Tribute”. Her Majesty has offered Sir Edmund's Family a Memorial Service at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, which is the home of the twenty four Knights of the Garter.

Philip Benwell
National Chairman
Australian Monarchist League


The Queen warned Princess-Lady Diana's Butler of mysterious 'Powers at work'

- London, Jan 15 : Britain's Queen Elizabeth II had warned the late Princess Diana's Butler about mysterious "Powers at work", the former Butler told an Inquest into Diana's death.

Paul Burrell told the London inquest Monday that he had sought a meeting with The Queen to tell Her Majesty that Diana's Mother, Frances Shand Kydd, had shredded some of the Princess's personal documents.

Shand Kydd, according to Burrell, spent several days at Diana's Kensington Palace Residence, going through the Princess's belongings and shredding dozens of documents. He said he was worried those documents might be of "historical importance", such as letters from Members of the Royal Family.

His meeting with Her Majesty took place at Buckingham Palace Dec 19, 1997, less than four months after Diana's death, and lasted for at least an hour and a half.

Burrell said Her Majesty told him during the meeting: "Be careful, Paul. No one has been as close to a Member of my Family as you have.

"There are Powers at work in this Country of which We have no Knowledge. Do you understand?"

The former Butler said he had no idea who Her Majesty was referring to and did not think it polite to ask Her Majesty.

"One does not ask The Queen what Her Majesty means by something," he said, but added that Her Majesty may have meant the Media, the Establishment, or the Security Services.

"I think it was just a general 'be careful' warning over many issues. Her Majesty is a good, kind and devout Lady. Her Majesty looks after Members of Staff who look after Her Majesty. I thought Her Majesty was just looking after me."

He told the inquest that a Member of the Royal Family had warned Diana: "You need to be discreet, even in your own home, because they are listening to you all of the time."

Burrell wrote down the name of the mystery Royal on a piece of paper and handed it to the Coroner, who did not disclose it to the Public.

The meeting that Burrell spoke about was responsible for the Butler being acquitted at a Trial six years ago in which he stood accused of stealing more than 300 items belonging to Diana and other Members of the Royalty.

The case collapsed sensationally after Her Majesty intervened on behalf of Burrell. He used to be Her Majesty's Footman before becoming Diana's Butler.

Half way through the Hearing, Her Majesty suddenly remembered crucial details of their 1997 meeting - and revealed that Burrell told Her Majesty that he was taking papers for safe keeping.

--- IANS

Anonymous said...

It is a very wierd case. You have to worry about the systems in place that could allow such glaring idiocy as this appeal to take place.

Clearly, from the very outset the case should never have even got to a second appeal, just from two basic facts (legally correct, I believe):

1 The Queen is the head of state of Canada

2 The Union Flag is the Royal Flag of Canada

I thought that this particular case died a long time ago, but clearly I didn't factor in how determined to get their fees these parasite "Human Rights" lawyers are now.

I find this whole kind of display very degrading to those who have gone through some REAL infringements of their genuine BASIC human rights.

In the UK this kind of rubbish happens all the time.

For a ranty but largely accurate discussion of this I would suggest glancing at the following:

Ken MacNeil, Loyal Green said...

It made my day when I heard the result on the radio. A splendid victory.

If the Captain does not respect the source of his authority, how can he expect any cadet to respect him?

Anonymous said...

Finally, a judge who actually speaks COMMON SENSE !!

David Byers said...

OK here is the email address for the bastard:

And here is a copy of what I told him:

Capt. Chainnigh,

I come from Australia and have heard about your case regarding "institutional harassment" due to having to show respect and allegiance to the Queen of Canada. I found the story on the website "The Monarchist" a site which is for all commonwealth Realms of the Queen. As a Loyal subject of the Queen from her Australian Realm I would like to express the following:

What a piss-weak bastard you are! You should be taken outside and flogged within an inch of your life. You piss-weak disloyal bastard and traitor.

David Byers

Scott said...


I think if you are going to email him we should all do so with the greatest possible civility. He is a scoundrel, but it's far better to look down on him with disdain than leap into the pit with him.

TheMonarchist is a gentleman, after all.

Maurice said...

Her Majesty's Throne damaged by heaters

26 November 2007, 05:35

London - The Throne on which British Queen Elizabeth II was Crowned at Westminster Abbey in 1953 has been damaged by the Church's central heating, The Sunday Times reported.

The Gilding had come off the Wood, and the Throne was currently being repaired, it was said.

The newly-installed heaters had produced considerable variation in humidity, causing the damage, the paper said, while the central heating system maintained the temperature in the church at 20 degrees Celsius.

This was a lot hotter than temperatures in museums, geared towards conserving works of art, experts told the paper.

The church was not a museum, and this was exactly the problem, art restorer Marie Louise Sauerberg said.

Almost every British monarch since 1308 has been crowned on this throne at Westminster Abbey.

However, several wooden panels with 14th-century paintings were also under threat, as was a mosaic by the altar.

Restoration work is due to start next year.

- Sapa-dpa

David Byers said...

Scott, I am usually very polite when in debates with republicans, they get upset and it shows them up, but no need to be polite with this bastard. We here in Australia are very direct, no pretensions! Thank God.

Scott said...

Fair enough!

Beaverbrook said...

Mr. Byers, the gentleman in me wants to upbraid you for your lack of manly restraint. But I just can't because I've been laughing myself silly - and I really mean pissing myself - over the sheer dagger of your tone.

I just hope you didn't lose a gasket or pop a valve during the release of said indignant outburst. I trust you feel much better now.

David Byers said...

Yes Beaverbrook, I did almost lose a gasket. I have been tying hard of late to learn the manly restraint you have often told me about but this man is beyond the pale. I feel better now thanks. OK from now on Manly restraint...

Maurice said...

- Monarchist ALERT...

The Australian Monarchist League Inc.:


The Australian Republican Movement's proposal that the Prime Minister consult with Parliament before making a decision on who is to be our next Governor-General is injudicious to say the least.

Confidential consultation with the Leader of the Opposition and senior
Cabinet Ministers is one thing, but openly bandying about names would
surely drive away anyone of the calibre required. The Movement also proposes that the Appointment of the next Governor-General should be open to all sides of the republic debate. I would remind them that the Governor-General must be above politics and must not participate on any side of the debate whether
republican or Monarchist. His, or her, job is to ensure that the
Constitutional decision of the people is sought and implemented.

Australia Day should be a time of thanksgiving for the benefits we all enjoy in this, the best Country in the World, and not exploited for the purpose of raising divisive issues.

Philip Benwell
National Chairman

David Byers said...

Well said Mr Benwell!

Tweedsmuir said...

Maurice, many thanks for all your comment posts. Where can we find the source to all these media releases. And what is the status of Mr. Benwell's Association of Commonwealth Realms?

Younghusband said...

A welcome spot of news.