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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Most Odious Crusade in Britain

Posted by Iain Dale, Ian Dale's Diary

I'm sitting on the train back to RTW (that's Royal Tunbridge Wells for the uninitiated!), feeling disgusted. If you have read the Evening Standard's report of the Phoney Pharoah's so-called 'evidence' to the Diana coroner's hearing, you will understand why. If there is a more odious, despicable man than Mohammed Fayed in public life in this country then I have yet to come across him. He wouldn't know the meaning of the word honesty if it was explained to him by Mother Teresa herself. The man has the moral standing of a skunk.

He reckons that Tony Blair personally ordered the assassination of Princess Diana. He believes the following list of people were involved in the conspiracy. Brace yourselves...

The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Robin Cook, Diana's sister Sarah, the two doctors at the Paris hospital who treated her, Paul Burrell, Sir Paul Condon, Sir John Stevens and Diana' best friend Rosa Monckton.

Most laughably of all, he now reckons his drunk employee Henri Paul had also been paid by Mi6. This rather ignores the fact that he was killed too.

And this is the man who convinced a jury that Neil Hamilton was guilty!

The fact is that there are two people to blame for that crash - and both their surnames are Fayed - Dodi for allowing Henri Paul to drive the car and his father for employing a drunk driver in the first place.

Fayed concocts these ridiculous conspiracy theories in order to mask the guilt he ought to be feeling himself.

Do feel free to join me in my longstanding boycott of the Phoney Pharoah's little grocery store.


Anonymousterry said...

Hello Iain....Fayed is typical of the Muslim. They couldn't lie straight in bed. Terry

David Byers said...

Prince Philip might be a fool but not as big a fool as this sand-monkey.

Anonymous said...

Fayed's arguements would have been better put if he had left out the ranting and racist comments.

And so would anonymousterry's and david byers'.

I hope I've made my point, gentlemen.

Lord Best said...

He is just a grief stricken old fool.
The moral of this whole unfortunate affair is: wear seatbelts.

David Byers said...

I cannot see how calling this man a Sand-monkey is racist. He comes from a coutry with lots of sand and he behaves like a monkey.

Lord Best said...

The same could be said for most Australians, with equal validity, so Mr Byers may have a point.

Scott said...


Anonymous said...

I just cant believe he called our royal family a bunch of foreigners, yeah, over 200 years ago they were German.
But sometime after that his family quite obviously found their way over here from the middle east somewhere.
Anyone who dares speak badly of my queen should burn!!!

Anonymous said...

I stoped shopping in Harrods when Mr Fayed got his hands on the store and turned into the most hidiouse place it is today. I cannot think why this mans wants to stay in this country a moment longer than he needs too and further, why he wishes to invest his money here when he hates everyhting we are and stand for. Why does he stay ?? and why do they, who can, do not get him to leave these shores for good.The man makes my blood boil with anger...... some one , please , get rid of him, asap !!!

redtown said...

I'm surprised he didn't also blame space aliens.

The real phenomenom here is that so many of the hysterical masses believe this rubbish.

Google up < "conspiracy theories" + psychology > for many articles on this by mental health specialists.

Anonymousterry said...

To anonymous....being Muslim is not a race. There are many races who are Muslim and I have not specified one particular race.....So get your facts right before you try to grab the moral high ground! Terry

Anonymous said...

Trying to get the moral high ground? I could have been standing at the bottom of a mine shaft and still had the moral high ground in regards to you and Mr. Byers' comments.

Perhaps it's you who need to get your facts right before attempting to defend the indefensible?

A race is a group of people united by a common history, language, cultural traits; yes, culture includes religion.

Racism is an intolerance of other races in the belief that one's own cultural background is somehow superior.

Hence your 'sand monkeying' and Fayed's 'One thousand years ago, what have you been doing here in this country?'

I can't imagine how Britain could have lost its colonies in Africa and India with people such as you and Mr Byers "defending" the monarchy. I don't intend to cure your ignorance on this matter but, if you'd like to do proper monarchists a favour then would you and Mr Byers' kindly bite your tongues in the future? Her Majesty's subjects include many races.

Jeff said...

”A race is a group of people united by a common history, language, cultural traits; yes, culture includes religion.Racism is an intolerance of other races in the belief that one's own cultural background is somehow superior.”

We now have racism deconstructed, in true postmodern fashion, to be any belief that would state that any one culture is objectively superior to another culture. Hence, a culture that straps bombs onto mentally and physically handicapped individuals and tells them that they will have 72 virgins upon their suicide cannot be considered inferior to one that says that the purposeful murdering of innocent bystanders is sin because man is an image-bearer of God.

This, folks, is the ideology of multicultural pluralism speaking and it is nothing less than rank moral relativism.

Viscount Feldon said...

The original comment, however, used Al-Fayed's cultural background as some negative attribute. Let us not stoop to that. He has many other negative qualities that are all his own doing.

Lord Best said...

So where do the 600 hundred thousand plus civilians killed as a direct result of the Iraq war, and the millions left homeless, fit in?
Clear evidence that Christianity is evil, as the USA is a proud Christian nation, perhaps?

Ironically, the US has repeatedly dropped the entrance requirements for the military so now the mentally retarded, drug addicted and even pregnant can all be handed a gun and sent out to kill Muslims.

Can we steer clear of cultural stereotypes and hypocrisy please?

David Byers said...

I believe if one has a brain and thinks, one is entitled to come to the conclusion that some cultures are superior than others. Have we lost the ability to reason? I believe British culture, with all its faults, is better than the culture that existed in Germany in the 1930's & 40's, better than the culture of Communism and, dare I say it, better than the culture of Islam.

Jeff S. said...

First, the 600,000 number is quite ridiculous.

Second, it is true that the US should be held responsible for excessive civilian deaths as Just War principles dictate.

Cultural generalizations are not untrue because they are generalizations. It is called making value judgments, which is something to which we need return. Everyone is afraid to do so with Islam for fear of being killed.

Lord Best said...

600,000 is the conservative estimate, actually, some estimates by reliable groups have it over one million. Massive casualties, a destabilised state, all for no reason. If you think Iraq is a Just War you are nothing short of insane. Afghanistan was a Just War, Iraq was nothing short of misjudged power play.
Islam doesnt have a culture, Islam is a religion. The Turks, the Egyptians, the Lebanese, they have cultures. Most of them do not condone suicide bombing in the same way most Christians do not condone the Iraq war.
However you look at it the simple fact is more Muslims have been killed by us than vice versa, it is hard to claim the moral high ground in such a case. Unless you are a bigot.

David Byers said...

Lord Best, Maybe you should become a Muslim? Anyway I don't see many westerners strapping bombs to themselves to kill themselves and other innocent people in the mistaken belief that they will go strait to paradise. People like you are the very reason these Muslims will hurt the west, ask yourself this, how many Muslims go out of their way to defend non-Muslims(?) as you defend them?

Yes there are good people who are Muslims, just as there were good people who were coned into being Nazis but the underlining belief systems remain evil.

Jeff S. said...

These numbers are all are derived from the same disputed report.

Please read what I wrote. I did not assert that Iraq was a just war. I stated that if civilian casualties were excessive, that one could hold the US accountable for such under the principles of Just War theory.

Culture is religion externalized. If you don't see that Sharia law is Islam formally instituted into the fabric of culture then there is no reason to have a discussion.

Even in so called "secular" Islamic states such as Turkey, religious persecution is quite common. Several Christian missionaries were murdered for their faith just last year. Are you telling me that Turkish culture is not dominated by Islam?

Where is all of the outcry from the Muslim community over the honor killings that are a common amongst Muslims all across Eurabia?

You need to get your head out of the multicultural sand and see what is coming to all of Europe.

David Byers said...

Well put Jeff. Thank GOD some of us have our eyes open.

Jeff S. said...

I believe British culture, with all its faults, is better than the culture that existed in Germany in the 1930's & 40's

Mr. Byers, you really must steer clear of such cultural stereotypes. :-)

Lord Best said...

The figure comes from the John Hopkins institute and was arrived at using the same techniques used in all kind of universally accepted health and mortality surveys in Western nations, the onl reason it is disputed is because we do not want to admit how many innocent people we have killed for no reason.

Actually Sheikh bin Byers, I think you would make a far better Muslim than me, I have trouble with the mindless racist elements.

I happen think traditional Western culture IS superior to most Islamic cultures, what I dislike is the constant whinging bigotry which seems to pervade so called champions of Western culture. Lets concentrate on fixing OUR culture, and leave others alone. As it is traditional Western culture is almost dead, we have a society where coarseness and vulgarity are the norm, and the measures of success are money and sex. Forgive me if I do not think brainwashing young women to behave like whores from the age of 12 and turning men into braying thugs is much of an improvement over your average theocracy.

I find it ironic you bring up Nazism, given that your rhetoric about Muslims would be right at home there, if you switch Muslim for Jew. This is why I seek to focus Western attention on OUR problems, instead of just whining abut Muslims all the time. Let us fix OUR cultural problems, not just look for convenient scapegoats. Really. To hell with Islam, lets concentrate on OUR culture for once, for gods sake.

David Byers said...

Lord Best, I'll leave you with your face-saving spin. Your comparison between Jews and Muslims is just stupid. The Jewish people were no threat to Europe and I can't say I remember reading about any of them strapping explosives to themselves and killing innocent people.

Islam is a problem for us because of modern transport, communications and fools like you who let the bastards in, in the first place!!!

Have you booked your online debate with that chap from the ex-Muslim website (Faithfreedom)? He tells how Islam is a threat to the west. Anyway lets us all know so we can watch you impart your wisdom.

Lord Best said...

I dont need to save face Sheikh, I'm right. I'm just trying to get misguided whngers about Islam to focus on something more important, if you want to waste effort which could be spent saving our culture, be my guest.

David Byers said...

Islam is ruining our culture! Wake up!!! Other problems we might have pale into insignificance when compared to that.

Lord Best said...

No it isn't! Grow up! WE are allowing our culture to be ruined from within by the PC left. Tension with the Islamic community and its internal issues are symptoms, not the cause. This is why I want to minimise contact between the West and Islam, not because they are a threat, but because we are too weak to deal with them. We need to halt Islamic migration and stop screwing around with their countries, and get back to focusing on US, not them. Let them sort out their own problems, let those good people over at FaithFreedom go home and do the work themselves instead of trying to get us to do it for them when we have neither capacity nor right.

I am at a university at present, I am mixing with and watching the future generations of left wing PC buffoons, I see first hand their lunacy. Anything Muslims say or do fades into nothingness when compared to what these people openly want to do to society.

And don't use multiple exclamation marks, one is plenty.

Jeff S. said...

Lord Best,

I do not think this is an either/or scenario.

As I have said in this space before, you are absolutely correct that Western culture has in one respect done this to itself. It is my position that this occurred precisely because of Europe’s rejection of a robust and orthodox Christianity for the god of secularism. This set the stage for all that we see. I agree that Islam would be no threat if Christendom remained faithful.

It is in this valueless void that Islam seeks to establish a beach head. Islam rejects the pluralism found in secularist Europe. I seriously doubt that the vast majority of immigrating Muslims will become secularized into the humanistic hedonists that dominate the current culture. Please show me a Muslim dominated country that is known for its tolerance and liberty.

So it is both/and. Europe needs to return to what was the fount of its great culture, namely Christ, and at the same time slow down the virus (Islam) that seeks to take over its host by attacking its weakened immune system.

Lord Best said...

I do not think it is a deliberate attempt to damage our culture by the vast majority of Muslims though, most of them just want a better life. The simple fact is if we had the strong and healthy culture we had at the height of the British Empire, for example, they would not be able to cause so much trouble.
And can you blame them for not wanting to integrate into popular Western culture at the moment? I do not particularly want to be a part of it, everything is so vulgar and coarse. I survive by eating devilled kidneys as much as possible and pretending I'm an Edwardian...
If we restore our cultural integrity, and dignity, the Muslims will be forced to integrate, or leave for more fruitful areas. Then if we leave their countries alone, perhaps they will go back to fighting amongst themselves as they have done since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

David Byers said...

Lord Best, in some ways your views are not too far away from mine but to say that most Muslims come to the west for a better life is hard to understand as they always seem to agitate for change when they get here.

Also when it comes to western values, I for one would much prefer seeing a good look girl in a bikini than a burka! Who else is with me on that one?

Lord Best said...

Well Mr Byers, we are on the same side.

Anonymousterry said...

Hello David...I'll buy in on that one! Seeing as it was me who started the racial thing again I think I had better put my two bits worth in. But firstly.....

To anonymous..... I hope you are not standing at the bottom of that shaft just now, because I'm about to dump on you. RACE IS DEFINED AS, 'a group of persons connected by common descent, blood or heredity.'

That description is not inclusive of culture, which of course is something that binds a race together in their ideals!

Religious ideals do not denote race! There are many RACES which have embraced Islam, in fact nearly half the worlds population is now Muslim.

Islam is now the fastest growing religious ideology on the planet. Why? Because as Jeff S has pointed out, the West no longer is bound by its traditional Judeo-christian roots which have been conveniently cast aside by the pluralists of the world who would have us believe that their brand of communism is good for all of us! So when a Western young man or woman suddenly need some meaning in their life, who do think is waiting to embrace them? Islam!

Lord seem to touch on this subject but as usual you are side tracked by your naivety of Islam. You really need to study up on this subject old boy, because radical Islam is by far the most serious threat to our very existence as a Western society.

I don't agree with Jeff S when he states that if the West had maintained its traditional roots as a God fearing society we would not be in this mess. History has shown repeatedly that the Islamists were not put off by the God fearing West in 735, 1389, or 1638 when they tried to invade Europe.

What must be understood here is that Islam is an ideology that only exists and perpetuates itself, so long as it is conquering the 'infidel'. Take away the 'infidel' and Islam will stagnate.

Throughout history the Islamists have thrived, not from their own methods of self enhancement, but on the bounties provided by the 'kuffar' who pay the 'jizya' to the Islamists who have occupied their land. This has been the theme throughout history ever since that devil in disguise, Mohammed, came onto the scene.

I agree with Lord Bests assessment in what he sees as a threat to our society from the 'left wing PC buffoons'. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. What must be a major concern is this. We, as a Western culture, have been effectively gelded in that we no longer are prepared to accept huge losses of our young men in wartime, whereas our enemies young men are queuing up to become martyrs by killing us until we submit to Islam!

Did you know Lord Best that the Iranians have issued a 'fatwa' to all radicalized Muslims, latest estimation over 300 million, that it is now acceptable to use nuclear weapons to further their 'jihad'. Now do some study! Terry

Lord Best said...

Dear me, you need to work on your history a bit more Terry.
Also while Islamic countries were collecting the jizya, European countries were practising 'holocaustum' and just stealing what they wanted, you tell me which is best.
Also serious Ottoman attempts at penetration into Europe occured in 1529 and 1683, and was based in power more than religion.
Also, show some gratitude, if it were not for the Ottoman threat Western militancy and industry would never have recieved the impetus to expand as they did in the seventeenth century, which ultimate led to the West gaining ascendency.
And what about the Crusades, the Reconquista, the Spanish genocides in the New World? There is plenty of evidence for abominations carried out by Christians, going back through history to support your fallacious nonsense is perilous.
You talk about Islamic aggression, yet the Christian empires of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries controlled most of the globe, and actively tried to destroy local cultures they deemed as heathen.

You are right in that we need to take away the infidel: we need to get the hell out of their countries and stop interfering with their politics. Buy an electric car!

Jeff S. said...

Lord Best,

I am with you with regard to our oil dependency. We got ourselves into that mess all by our lonesome. Break that dependency and the Middle East would go back to its Bedouin past. If one discounts oil revenues, the entire GDP of all Arab countries is less than that of Finland. Just another one of those cultural indicators, mind you.

Anonymousterry said...

Lord just do not get it do you! Tell me, how old are you? wait let me guess. You're at university so are probably in your early twenties because some of your replies have that certain, how should I put it....petulance of youth about them!

You are a product of the multiculti and PC crowd which would go a long way to explain your handwringing over Western history and your view that what I state is just 'fallacious nonsense'. You have been listening too much to the drivel that ejects itself from the Muslim mouth.

I have not hinted at dates so that you could compare our enemys past with that of the West. I have hinted at dates because it confirms an undeniable fact of our enemys ideological agenda which is now driving all the so called 'terrorist' acts around the world.

If you believe that by getting all the infidels out of Islamic lands will stop the Jihad you have just proven to me how naive you really are to current world events!

And you really have to stop apologising for our enemys brutality, which by the way is not reciprocated by us because we in the West believe in basic human rights which is very sadly lacking in nearly all Muslim nations. Terry brand of world domination just because there are infidels in some of their lands. Are you so naive to believe that? Ask yourself this. Why is it that only Western nations have invited peoples from all over the globe to settle in their lands. Why have the Islamic nations not done this. Look at Saudi Arabia for instance. Christianity was just as bad or possibly worse than the Islamists in those times.

But those times have gone and the Islamic ideology of world conquest unfortunately for us,has not gone with it! What do you think is meant by the war on terror! Do you believe that it only refers to a small minority of radical fascists that kill in the name of Allah because they love killing? Or do you believe that the whole thing has been made up by an oil hungry America like some in the loony left believe.

Your brand of history certainly contains some handwringing sentimentality which would go very well with some of the 'boofheads' you so eagerly denigrated in one of your earlier comments.

Get your head out of the past and stop trying to compare two religions, which if well studied are light years apart.

Islamic ideology has never emerged from the eighth century while we in the West went on, via the reformation, to bigger and better things. Now tell me that you don't believe we in the West have something to preserve!

David Byers said...

I think the difference is, when "Christians" went about killing they were not following Jesus, whereas Muslims killing are following Mohamed.

It will probable come down to them or us, one day, and I for one choose us.

Anonymousterry said...

Jeff are right about the oil dependancy. Unfortunatly it will not stop the jihad which is now manifesting itself within all Western nations.

Saudi Arabia supplies money into all of the muslim enclaves throughout the West, which apart from those monies that is given for education etc, by the dhimmi governments, provides the capital to build their radicalization plants (mosques)

So it is a bit of a catch 22 and even if the oil is turned off the Saudi's will still be able to fund their soft jihad via the worldwide umma which would supply the Saudi's with money. Terry

Anonymousterry said...

Anybody reading my reply to Lord Best please accept my apologies as I forgot to edit it. Make of it what you will. Terry

Lord Best said...

"I think the difference is, when "Christians" went about killing they were not following Jesus, whereas Muslims killing are following Mohamed."
No, I've read the primary sources of the Crusades and the Spanish conquests in the New World, they were doing it in Christs name. Hernan Cortes' own letters to Charles V, the journels of that chap Dias (I'm sorry I cannot remember his other names, Spanish you know. Bernaldo?), they all talk about expanding the realm of Christ and killing the heathen in his name. To his credit, Charles V was not at all impressed, and Cortes himself later tried to protect surviving Indian communities in Mesoamerica.
This is the point I'm trying to make, evils have been done in both Christianity and Islams name, and it is just plain wrong to assume that it makes either religion evil, and even more wrong to cherry pick.
Terry, do you even read what I write? I was using a different interpretation of history to show why your interpretation is incorrect, not because I believe Christianity to be evil, anymore than I believe Islam to be evil. But if you accept Islam to be evil based on certain historical facts, you would have to accept Christianity as evil, you cant have your cake and eat it. In the siege of Tenochtitlan 140,000 people were killed by the Spanish, in the name of Christianity. And in the first century of Spanish rule up to 95% of the Indian population perished due to deliberate attempts by the Spanish to spread smallpox. I do mean deliberate, knowingly sending smallpox infected blankets into population centres in the guise of aide is fairly condemning. Do I think this makes Christianity evil? No. It makes some of the Conquistadors evil. Yet I still admire for their achiements.
And then you have the Crusades. Do you know what happened when Islamic forces captures Jerusalem? Not much. Do you know what happened when the Crusaders captures the city in 1099? Nearly every man, woman and child, Muslim, Jew or Christian, was exterminated. In the name of Christianity. Do I think this makes Christianity evil? No. I think it makes the crusaders evil. Do I think suicide bombings against civilian targets make Islam evil? No, it makes suicide bombers evil. This is not moral relativism or PC nonsense (especially in the case of the Crusades, were many Crusaders felt disgusted and ashamed of their own actions), this is a simple extrapolation if you accept killing humans is bad, as Christianity and Islam both claim.
And of course, it is very easy to convince yourself that Islam is evil if you ONLY look at the evil things done in its name, and completely ignore both the evils done in Christianities name, AND all the good done in Islams name? You like hazing positional mathematics and advanced science? Thank the Muslims for that.
I am not a multi-culturalist, as you would know if you had bothered reading my posts properly. Multi-culturalism is poison.

I look forward to your next post dismissing everything I say with some glib remark because you lack the capacity to refute the arguments with hard facts, on account of your position being completely insupportable.

Lord Best said...

Bernal Dias! Thats the one, there is another one with an even worse name to remember.
"We went there to serve God, and also to get rich". These people were fanatically religious you know, even a minor student of Spanish history knows this to be true.
Before anyone says "Oh that was just the Spanish/Catholics/Whatever, they werent representative/abused the name of the religion" that is EXACTLY my point. You cannot condemn Christianity for the actions of a few extremists anymore than you can Islam, and if you do, then you are an idiot. This is Morality, it works both ways.

David Byers said...

Christianity has had its dark ages but can always be countered with the fact that Christ was supposed to be the Prince of Peace. That just cannot be said about Mohamed, so it is therefore next to imposable to drag Islam out of its dark age. I myself, do not like religious fanatics of any type, and I have come to the conclusion that we must stop the spread of Islam into the west as it is by far and away the worst religion when it comes to fanatics and killing.

Lord Best, may I suggest you stop watching the ABC and reading the Age or Sydney Morning Herald? I just get the feeling, though I cannot prove it, that that is where you get a lot of your news from. Remember it is the PC classes that always talk about what the west has done wrong when confronted with the threat of Islam. That is like saying the USA could not join the fight against the Nazis because of the way they treated black Americans, yes the way they treated blacks was wrong but there was a more immediate threat to the world with Hitler.

Yes we must have a conscience about our past and reflect on it and learn but we must not let it paralysed us from acting on threats we face, after all how would future people judge us for inaction?

Lord Best said...

On the contrary, I pay no particular attention to any media outlet, they all have their biases. The ABC is left wing, others are right wing, both are equally reprehensible and should be taken with rather more than a pinch of salt. Especially the Age, I only take the Epicure section seriously. Even then its rather lacking, to be honest.
I read. I read primary sources, I read different historians viewpoints, I look at historical facts to determine what happened and why.
I'm not sure why you seem to think I am proposing inaction on Islam. I do not believe Islam is a threat, but I strongly believe we need to minimise interaction with the Islamic world at all costs, particularly Islamic migration to Western countries. Not because Islam is a threat, but because we cannot handle it. When a dam bursts, do you blame the water? No, you blame the people in charge of the dam, and this is how I feel in regards to Islamic migration and multi culturalism. We NEED to act to save Western culture, but whining about Islam is not action, it is misguided and wasteful efforts. We are blaming the water for the crumbling dam.
I find it very distasteful when the PC lunatics try and say Western culture is evil because of the actions of the Crusaders, Conquistadors, Colonials, Imperials etc. But this kind of argument is no different than blaming the evils performed in the name of Islam on all Muslims.
Both cultures have perpetrated monstrous evils in the name of their respective religions, but neither are inherently evil because of it.
God knows Islam has many problems, but most of them have only manifested in the past century of radicalism and extreme poverty. And unfortunately the West has contributed to the situation, sometimes with beneolvent intent, sometimes with malicious intent.
I personally see no reason why Islam could not reform itself, certainly there are some horrible things in the Qu'ran, but there are many horrific things in the Bible too. Christianity eventually overcame it, so can Islam. But they will not do it with us constantly demanding that they do so. Would we have reformed our culture in the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries with some vast foreign power standing over our shoulder demanding we should do so, because they dont like the way we are? No. You have to remember the main grievance with the West in the Islamic world is our interference and support for oppressive governments like those in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Hell, even Bin Laden himself has said they would be happy to live with 'decadent Western culture' if only we would stop interfering in theirs.

David Byers said...

Lord Best, I would like nothing more than to be wrong in my views on the threat of Isalm and would like nothing more than for you to be right. However from my owm reading of it I sadly think the views put forward by those who see Islam as a threat to the west and the world (many of them ex-Muslims) to be correct and more convincing to me.

Lord Best said...

I'm always open to the fact I may be wrong, I do not see it personally, and I hope to God I'm right, but I will not pretend that I do worry sometimes. Then I see how the Islamic community in Shepparton has integrated, and continued to integrate new arrivals, and I feel a bit more hopeful.

Anonymousterry said...

Lord Best.....I was going to let your last comment be the end of this, but somehow I just can't let that be!

Allow me to put to you these questions.

1. Which religion in the modern world propagates terrorism?

2. Which religion in the modern world is totally intolerant of any other belief system including other 'book' religions?

3. Which religion allows the practice of pedophilia as a legitimate right of the male?

4. Which religion subjugates women to a role less than that of a male muslim slave?

5. Which religion legitimizes through its social/political laws the stoning of aduterers, the severing of a thiefs hands or foot or both, the flogging of homosexuals, the beheading of criminals who have done no more than drink alcohol or take drugs. If that is not enough to make you think then how about this one. Recently in Saudi Arabia fifteen school girls were caught fleeing a burning school by the Saudi religious police without their head coverings. They were forced back into the burning building to retrieve them. None survived!

6. Which group of people who have emigrated to all western countries continually cause friction with the host societies?

7. Which group of people have so alienated themselves in our own society that little Kevvy has now seen fit to hold another Muslim forum?

8. Which religious group caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to private property, churches synagogues etc, and stabbed and bludgeoned their way over several nights through various suburbs after the Cronulla Rally in 2005?

9. Which religious group consistently demands its rights at the expence of the majority?

10. Which religion insists on the segregation of the sexes whilst bathing?

11. Which religious group hires out council swimming pools at the exclusion of infidels?

12. Which religion lives by seventh century codes refusing to modernise its dogma?

13. Which religion allows its believers to tell lies on the supposition that lies must only be told to maintain a Muslims advantage over the Infidel?

I will stop here, but there are many, many more reasons as to why Islam is not compatible with our Western lifestyle. If you still wish to apologize for our enemy and make no mistake here, Islam should be treated as a National Security Threat, then you really are a lost cause! Terry

Anonymous said...

I hate this man and I want to shoot him.