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Friday, 2 February 2007

The Most Pathetic Protest

Some time ago, Beverbrook posted a link to an extremely pathetic protest by some Canadian republicans. Well there is a new challenger to the title of "most pathetic protest" and it comes from Australia. Here is a link to a very sad individual and his protest:


Anonymous said...

If you want a really pathetic protester, how about Peter Dow of Aberdeen, UK.

He's a bit of a Scottish nationalist (albeit oddly one who seems to like Britishness and waving Union flag) - but he absolutely loathes the Queen. Funnily enough, he keeps getting arrested and put in mental hospitals.

But yes, click on 'news' and you'll see his one-man protest at the Queen's visit to open the Scottish Parliament. Brilliant.

Younghusband said...

Not sure why this individual is worth the article. He's a nothing from what I can tell. How did anyone even come across this video?

Maurice said...

To Monarchist League Members and friends...

The new, much-awaited five-part documentary on the working life of the Royal Family begins Sunday night on CBC Television, 8-10 pm EST, check your local listings.
Be sure you record the series, if you can, to share with family, young people and youth groups, social evenings at your faith community or club, or your lodge or Legion Branch.

Perhaps you would consider inviting family members, neighbours and friends to share some of the viewings with you ?

Episode 1: 3 February, 2008 ~
Four Hundred Years in the Americas

-The Palace is getting ready for the Queen's state visit to the United States to mark the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, at Jamestown, Virginia. Preparations include a private dinner for prominent American ex-pats at Buckingham Palace and a portrait session with the respected US photographer, Annie Leibovitz. On the other side of the Atlantic, President George W Bush - the tenth president to meet the Queen - and his wife Laura prepare to host the only white-tie banquet of his presidency.

Episode 2: 10 February, 2008 ~
The Palace

-The second programme goes inside the Monarchy's headquarters, Buckingham Palace, as preparations are made for the traditional royal gathering on the palace balcony for the Queen’s birthday parade. An impressive state banquet is held for President Kufuor of Ghana and the palace ballroom is transformed into the magnificent backdrop for the investiture ceremony, with Steven Gerrard and Penelope Keith among those nervously lining up to receive an honour. Behind-the-scenes footage shows the hard work that goes on all year round, from the Queen planning her engagements to Her Majesty's Ladies-in-Waiting sorting through the Royal Postbag.

Episode 3: 17 February, 2008 ~
Her Majesty's Government

-This week's programme concentrates on the role of the Queen and her government. The episode opens with outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie spending the weekend with the Royal Family at the Queen's Scottish estate, Balmoral. Elsewhere, the future prime minister, Gordon Brown, briefs the Queen in advance of his final budget as Chancellor. Preparations are shown for the spectacular State Opening of Parliament, as the crown jewels are removed from the Tower and the Queen's coachmen put on their 100-year-old costumes. Meanwhile, the government and the palace are preparing for the Queen's historic tour of the Baltic States, where no British monarch has ever set foot before.

Episode 4 : 24 February, 2008 ~
The Queen and Her People

-Every year the Royal Family performs around 4,000 official engagements, many taking months - even years - of planning. The dependable 'Garden Party Ladies' annually write out 40,000 invitations for the famous palace garden parties. The Queen is a hands-on hostess, personally checking all the arrangements in advance. Meanwhile a Northumberland farming family prepare to treat the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to tea in their kitchen. Elsewhere, the Queen travels to a Premiership football club where it is discovered that even the most thorough arrangements don't always go to plan.

Episode 5: 2 March, 2008 ~
Royal Family

-In the final instalment, all four of the Queen's children talk frankly for the first time about their working roles as part of the Royal Family. The younger generation are also seen to be getting involved. There's an early-morning surprise for the residents of an inner-city hostel when they come down to breakfast and find Prince William making the coffee. Prince Harry attends a strategy meeting for his African charity, Sentebale. And we see what happens when all the family turn up for a very proud moment at Sandhurst.

The Dominion Secretariat/Sécrétariat général
The Monarchist League of Canada/La ligue monarchiste du Canada
PO Box 1057
Oakville, ON L6J 5E9
(800) I'M LOYAL
(905) 855-7262

Neil Welton said...

"Funnily enough, he keeps getting arrested and put in mental hospitals."

I'm reminded of the republican who once said to me that the majority of people in Wales were either "mentally ill, backward or retarded" because of their willing subservience to one English ruling Family.

Trouble is some of these republican characters are strange - the Monarchy Wales e-mail inbox is proof of that. I guess it comes down to which side the law is on. No doubt in The Great Republic this blog would be banned and Beavers and I would be arrested for "disturbing the peace" and causing "a public nuisance".

Stauffenberg said...

@younghusband: agree - he does look like someone one wouldn't even ignore...

@Neil Welton: they'd probably not call it arrest but "brave new citizenship awareness course, grade II" or some such

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Neil Welton said...


Splendor Sine Occasu said...

What the hell was that?

Neil Welton said...


Neil Welton said...

Stauffenberg is right.

The New Citizenship Awareness Course Grade Two.

Module One, Section One, Part One - Why Members Of The Royal Family Cannot Stand To Be The President.

Correct answer: "Members of our former Royal Family are a threat to national stability and cannot stand."

Incorrect answer: "Members of The Royal Family are not easily bought or corrupted thus the president must go."