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Monday, 18 February 2008

The Problem in Australia

By David Byers (Convenor of ACM in Country, New South Wales)

It is really hard to see how things can improve in Australia for the Crown. This is due to the unrelenting attacks on the institution from the politicians and the media. Look at this example: republicans will state that the Queen is not interested in Australia as she rarely visits here but forget to say that she can only come at the invitation of her Australian Government. When she is invited members of the government, who invited her, go to the media to make a “story” about the great cost to struggling Australian tax payers to bring her out (even though they lay out money every year for other visiting dignitaries). Since the late 1980’s this attack on the cost of Royal visits is brought up every time the Queen comes to Australia, without exception.

Whenever the Monarchy is mentioned in the media the question “should Australia become a republic?” is put forward. Pictures of the Queen are taken down from government offices and if anyone suggests these pictures be restored , they are met with ridicule and even laughter. Traditional organisations that once defended the Crown tooth and nail seem reluctant to come forward in the defence of the Crown. Children are brought up in government schools not even knowing anything about our Sovereign not even visual reminders as there are no pictures.

In the 1990’s the New South Wales Governor was evicted from Government House and told to do the job from their home, only visiting the Government House occasionally. The Government in NSW stated they were giving the House “back to the people”.

Now every State and Federal Government backs a republic and the conservative opposition parties are divided on the issue with only about a third reluctantly backing the Crown!

Yet the republic push of the ‘90’s was defeated in 1999. The strange thing is that the pro-republic media just act as if the referendum never even happened or claim it was rigged (a view that is now widely accepted by most people).

There you have it, the problem in Australia, any ideas???


Marquis Black said...

Well, everyone knows where I stand in this regard. All you'd have to do is look at my post, "The People and the Crown" to know what I think should be done.

The problem, as you've detailed, is that the republicans control the media and the government--a bad combination all around. The best way to counteract that, then, is to be louder, and more convincing than they are. If they claim that bringing in the Queen is a bigger burden on the taxpayer, find out how much it costs to bring in any other dignitary, then demand they show comparative figures. If they lie, expose them.

The problem is, no one wants to take an active stance in this debate, which is hindering the monarchist movement too much. We've been content on standing back and deflecting the abuse screamed at us, as opposed to countering it, and it's got us in a corner, as more and more of our supporters keep dwindling away because they see our cause as weak, as opposed to the republicans, who look strong and widespread.

If the ACM wants to truly preserve the monarchy in Australia (and this goes for every Commonwealth realm monarchist organization), then it needs to be ready to push for rallies, bring in speakers, distribute pamphlets, and outright defy the government. Heck, if it makes the cause look more appealing, even threaten to refuse recognition of any republican government.

Essentially, put the message out that any attempts at a Republican government would be misleading, and could foment social unrest.

See, that's where we differ from the Republicans for most people. Republicans are easily willing to resort to violence and defiance, whereas we're not. Perhaps it makes us the better persons, but on the other hand, it severely weakens the Monarchist cause.

David Byers said...

I along with my wife have done broacher drops of ACM material, however if one attacks the republicans too hard than one only encourages them to hit back and as they have the media on side they can hit back much harder. Best not to attack them just responded to what they say.

Anonymous said...

I am an Englishman, and I really like the Aussies and their beautiful homeland. But they should remember where they came from, and embrace the monarchy, its a wonderful thing.
I find it hard to understand how anybody can hold feelings other then love for Her Majesty, she is an amazing person who has given so much to us through her life.

David Byers said...

To the anonymous writer from the UK. Your right in what you say and yes it is very hard to understand the view of some in Australia. Australia is a funny place in some ways; they seem to LOVE the flag with the Union Jack (a Royal Flag for those who do not know) yet hate the Crown and most things British?!? Having lived her all my life I can only say that many Australians have a “chip on their shoulder” and feel inferior and take it out on the Brits. I have given this years of thought and I am convinced this is the case. I can remember a British comedian saying that when he was in Australia he would watch the TV and the word “Australia” was shouted out on nearly all the adds for some reason. People with an inferiority complex do things like constantly talking themselves up.

Lord Best said...

Australians have an IMMENSE inferiority complex. Its nauseating. Every time some idiot celebrity from the US or Britain comes to visit the media go crazy and start asking them if they like Australia and would like to move here. Really, who gives a damn?
The whole 'cultural cringe' thing is interesting. People seem to think it means that anyone who displays an interest in non-Australian is 'cringing' from Australian culture. Infact the cultural cringe is the act of ostracising those who the majority deem 'un-Australian' because they do match the "Aussia larrikin" stereotype.
Australia is one of the great powers now, with the 12th largest economy and 14th strongest military in the world (or vice versa, I cant find the datasheet) yet the way most Australians go on you would think we were some weak little backwater that cannot look after itself!

Anyway, Monarchists need to get into the schools and start teaching children about the constitution, how it works, and the role of the Crown. Get them writing letters to the Queen and the GG. If you can teach children about the vital role the Crown plays in our constitution the chances of them being infected with Republicanism at an older age are much reduced.

Marquis Black said...

Basically, then, the question we all have to ask ourselves is: we know we're all loyal, but how much will we risk in order to defend the monarchy? Will we risk prison, and short-term social ostracizing?

David Byers said...

Yes Lord Best, that annoys me too the way journalist jump over themselves to ask some silly pommy rock star, or American comedian, if they like Australia, I can remember one star saying in reply “I’ve only just got off the plain!!!” . I think a good historian could write a great book as to why Australians have this great inferiority complex and need to over-compensate. As the Crown started its history in England than we must get rid of it! When republicans in Canada push for a “Canadian Head of State” Monarchist there just calmly debate them and show how silly their arguments are. However here in Australia no matter how hard you debate the benefits of the Crown it makes little difference because the republican call for “one of our Own” or “are we grown up enough to have a president” etc. resonate with people here very, very deeply even thought they don’t have a model and cannot show how our system would benefit from such a change. Watch now as Mr Rudd ridding on the back of massive support from the media with his vision of a “new Australia” that says “sorry” for its past, with-out putting it into context, extends that to embrace more change…

Lord Best said...

I'm not too fussed about the apology personally, it was only on behalf of the government, not the people, I dont think it will do much harm in the long run.
The thing with the media is that while there is a lot of republican sentiment, when it boils down to it all the ywant are stories. If we could feed them positive stories relating to the Crown in Australia, it may help. I do think aiming at the younger generations will help, I saw a poll from Western Australia, I believe, showing support for the Monarchy amongst 18-30 year olds (my generation) to be on the rise.

David Byers said...

Lord Best, I should have explained, I was not passing an opinion on the Governments apology to indigenous Australians, rather I was talking about how a feeling of good will could be used against the Crown – for example they could say “we are on the crest of change” and then use it to push a republic, that is what I ment.

Lord Best said...

Ah I see, my apologies. I quite agree, we must do all we can to prevent that from happening. I do take comfort in the fact that Rudd ruled out plebiscites and a referendum for his first term "if at all" and thus far he has shown no inclination to reverse that decision. Even die-hard republicans like Nicola Roxon are keeping quiet. But we Monarchists must not rest on our laurels, and I really think we should be trying to educate younger people, particularly prinary school students, of the role of the Crown and the Constitution.

Anonymousterry said...

Hello David....It seems to me that you have all reached a dilemna in your quest to maintain the status quo.

If you would care to take some advice from a republican I would suggest the following.

1. Stop defending yourselves and let your opposition guess at what you may come up with next. Attack is the best form of defense. If something is worth keeping then it is also worth fighting for.

2. In order to make yourselves more acceptable to the Australian public you may have to ditch some of your ideals such as Knighthoods and Titles. The larger Australian population sees the conferring of Titles by a Monarch on his/her favored people as a form of cronyism. That is why this type of promotion is now irrelevant in this country and could be the single biggest factor as to why the public will no longer embrace a Monarchy.

3. Know your public! This is something that none of have recognized! The Australian public is different to other Western populations. Australians are more egalitarian in their outlook and skeptical to the point of irreverancy. You seem bemused at the fact that the general public now embrace a National Flag which displays prominently, the British Union Flag. I suggest to you all that the public now fully embrace this flag as their own because it now represents, in a world which is rapidly changing, a symbol of Australian permanency.

4. Little Kevvy Rudd, you will find in future polls, will be on the nose with the majority of the electorate. His naivety on the Aboriginal question has now opened the biggest can of worms this country has ever had to deal with. He will be lucky to survive the next election.

5. The Liberal party, federally and state, is in disarray and this will continue to be the case for the forseeable future. They are useless as an opposition.

6. You have to be politically active and none of the mainstream parties you will find, now support the Monarchy. There is a new political party emerging which is radically different from the mainstream parties and is pro Monarchist. This is the Australian Protectionist Party of which I am a member. A republican in a pro Monarchist party you say! I say I am more concerned about this country's future than its present system of government. That is why I joined.

I do not wish at this time to further enhance your thinking. But I would like to see some of you join the APP if you wish to propagate your ideals. You can contact me on( You don't have to be an active member to be involved.


David Byers said...

Thanks Terry, you put forward some very good points. You know it has been through contributing to this blog that I have discovered just how different we are as a people from the British and Canadians. I think you have hit the nail on the head with regards to the egalitarian nature of this nation Australia, that is why I always say our link is only with the Monarch not the hangers on, like they have in the UK.

Terry, I will have a look at that party but at the moment I’m having a bit of a break from politics, that is not to say I won’t get back into just need a break for now.

Lord Best said...

Dear me, I agree with much of what you have said Terry, has the world been tipped up side down?
A few things I disagree with.
Titles. There was a poll done which showed an enormous number of people would like to see prominent Australians given the same recognition that many prominent foreigners recieve.
Do not underestimate Rudd, the apology is something the vast majority of Australians wanted, and compensation claims have been categorically ruled out. With no viable opposition there is every chance he will win the next election. Personally I'm hopeful he will turn out ok, but I'm not holding my breath. To be honest he cannot be much worse than Howards out of control spending and abuse of institutions was.

Anonymousterry said...

Lord Best....only time will tell! Terry

Anonymousterry said...

Hello David....I understand.Terry

Lord Best said...

Well quite, and as a patriot I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best.