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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Sir Richard's Brilliance Confirmed

The Drudge Report aids the Taliban, puts Prince Harry's, British soldiers', lives in danger. For Shame!

nharry778bigLast May when the public and media were disembowelling Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the British General Staff, for refusing to allow Prince Harry to serve in Iraq, the only thing stopping myself and Andrew Cusack from doing same was the plausible knowledge that it was all a brilliant feint manoeuvre designed to maximise the security of the British Expeditionary Force in Iraq. We predicted that we would all be pleasantly surprised when Harry returned from the Afghanistan Front in six months time with heroic tales and despatches of his gallant deeds. Long live our Patriot Prince! we shouted.

Though we were merely anticipating Sir Richard's brilliance and were by no means sure of it, Mr. Cusack prudently suggested that I remove the post since to even openly predict such a scenario would provide the enemy with potentially dangerous fodder, and so I unhesitatingly relented. Now here we are months later with our predictions ringing oh so true, and an American internet media news outlet called The Drudge Report knowingly and deliberately decides to aid the enemy and put the Prince's life in danger, along with the British soldiers around him. Sir Richard was left with no option but to reveal the truth to the public, and now he must decide whether to bring Harry back two months into his three month deployment.

As soon as someone finds out where I can register my disgust with the despicable Drudge Report, please do let The Monarchist know. In the meantime, may it please Her Majesty's British Government to target Drudge as an unlawful enemy combatant.


Lord Best said...

Shameful, absolutely shameful. But who cares right, if it sells papers? Money is all that matters afterall, not the lives of a Prince and his soldiers. Hail the corporate media!

Anonymous said...

And honestly why didn't they check it with the Ministry before running with it? It makes one wonder who tipped them off about this, however I have much more respect for the British Media today than I did yesterday.

It's just sad that now the Drudge Report, in it's haste to make money and publicity, has basically put His Royal Highness and the rest of the people in his unit in incredible danger!

Yet another reason why something like the D-Day landings would never work today, it would be leaked and on the news the day before it happened all in the name of greed!

Younghusband said...

You can email Drudge directly at DRUDGE@DRUDGEREPORT.COM

Younghusband said...

You might also want to register your disgust with the Australian magazine New Idea and Germany's Bild...

Andrewdb said...

younghusband - according to the Telegraph, Drudge learned of it from the Aussie magazine.

Lord Best said...

New Idea is possible the most despicable, monstrous and abhorrent publication in the southern hemisphere. Closely followed by the Herald Sun...
Is there no way these media outlets can be punished for putting the lives of troops, not to mention a Prince, in danger? Can you imagine the fuss if a media outlet in Europe put the child of a serving American president in mortal danger? These publications do not deserve protection under Freedom of the Press.

Matt said...

For shame.

Anonymous said...

There is an article to read, there are some good comments and there are comments that give me a bad temper. Check here:

Next time, the British government needs to find a way to make it difficult for newspapers like the Drudge Report from getting information about a Royal Family members wherabouts in combat zones.

Jeff S. said...

This comes as no surprise. Drudge Report is primarily a news aggregator, not a traditional journalistic endeavour. Though I appreciate its more conservative bent, it's article titles are often designed to only titillate and skew.

What surprises me is the pre-agreed upon restraint by the British press. Our perception on this side of the pond (U.S.) is that the British press tends to be much more tabloid-like and sensational. I am quite impressed with their self discipline in this instance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends at the Monarchist,

We join you in applauding Prince Harry's valor, and celebrated him with a post of our own.

Our compliments on your splendid blog!

[...The publicity drawn by this action has put the remainder of Prince Harry’s tour of duty into question. The impressively loyal, erudite, and conservative blog, The Monarchist, understandably takes Drudge to task. The elevated station of a noble corresponds to special duties to God and country...]


The Editor, Concord Live