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Monday, 25 February 2008

Stop Tony from becoming President of Europe

Be sure to read Rod Liddle's feature over at The Spectator. For vastly competing reasons, all of Europe is seemingly opposed to Tony Blair's candidacy for President of the EU, yet he is considered far and away the frontrunner. There's representative democracy for you. What a joke.

Of course, we too should be opposed to this. Tony and Company have done everything in their power to turn Her Majesty into a sub-sovereign, to transform the Queen into a minor relic under the supranational headship of a permanent, federalist and republican-styled president. All that talk about constitutional red lines a few months back was nothing but the most cynical political monoeuvering by the vainest prime minister Britain has ever produced. Tony Blair is apparently on record as wanting the presidency only if the EU nations agree to give him real power with which to strut and stride his dreamy Camelot pompous self. What a bloody two-faced hypocrite!

Please, make sure this self-important son of a bee never shares the stage with President Obama. Spare us the competition for the next Christ on Earth.


Dundonald said...

There are echoes of Margaret Thatcher’s Bruges speech here; we didn’t spend years trying to get rid of Blair, only to have him re-imposed at a European level. Joking aside, I actually support his Presidential bid.

For years, the EU has usurped national sovereignty, largely by escaping the attention of our national press. Ignorance about the nature of our new unique form of government is driven further by the fact that the EU’s elite are a group of uninspiring and unutterably boring technocrats.

Thus, a national press versed in the cult of celebrity prefers to deliberate on the increasingly irrelevant Westminster soap-opera, allowing the carcass of Westminster democracy to be hollowed out further without anybody noticing. A Blair presidency would inevitably bring the spotlight upon the cockroaches of Brussels (something they’ve been trying to avoid for years). I also feel that the prospect of a former interventionist British Prime Minister becoming the new President of EUrope might focus the minds of the Irish during their Lisbon Treaty referendum.

There’s little chance of it happening anyway. He’s far too unpopular amongst the Euro-elite.

Stauffenberg said...

Well said, Dundonald.

One of the “strengths” of the European Union has always been that its top brass are normally people unknown to most Europeans – political non-starters, sleeveens and people either past their sell-by date in politics or out of focus otherwise.

A household name like Tony Blair would probably make a difference from all the rest of politicians having been dumped so gladly in Brussels over years by their fellows at home. There would be real attention.

And you are right, again, that’s probably why it won’t happen.

By the way, I liked your allusion to Irish attitudes. Were Blair to make it to EU president, they might be acting as predicted, true to their knee-jerk reaction of being Britain’s official non-friend at regular intervals. Which is funny in a way. British blunders and follies in Ireland notwithstanding – the Irish are culturally the most anglicised and “britified” nation on this planet outside the UK …

Lord Best said...

I can't say I like the caricature much. Comparing Blair to Napoleon? Comparing the greatest military leader to a completely useless fool, no thank you.
As to the issue, there is nothing like an unpopular former leader suddenly thrust into the limelight again to damage a cause.