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Monday, 4 February 2008

There never was an England

'Don't teach children patriotism'

"Patriotism should be avoided in school lessons because British history is “morally ambiguous”, a leading educational body recommends.

History and citizenship lessons should stick to the bare facts rather than encouraging loyalty to Britain when covering subjects such as the Second World War or the British Empire, the Institute of Education researchers said. Teachers should not instill pride in what they consider great moments of British history, as more shameful episodes could be downplayed or excluded.

The slave trade, imperialism and 20th century wars should be taught as controversial issues while students are deciding how they feel about their country, the report says..."

'Tony Blair's Britain': Hat tip to Small Dead Animals

Faint hope: Brown is all that stands between Blair and the EU presidency

"What started off as a joke is growing more serious by the hour. Bets are being laid on the next EU president and the favourite is one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Ladbrokes has cut him from 3/1 to 2/1, perhaps after the Guardian piece this morning. Put aside the (rich) comic value of all this, the appointment has its logic. If you want the EU to pack a diplomatic punch (I don't) then this depends to a huge degree on getting heavy-hitter who knows how to work the circuit. Who better than the globe-trotting Blair? Next, it will help keep Britain onside. The Tories would find it that bit harder to renegotiate EU membership if a Brit like Blair is the face of the EU banging on about making it a benign alliance of nation states..."


Lord Best said...

Oh yes, because stripping away the emotional bonds which can tie diverse populations spread over large areas is only going to help a society that has already lost most of its cohesion. My god, these people claim to be educated?
Patriotism and nationalism developed to help enmesh disperate communities together with common bonds, the very basis of a stable and peaceful society rely on a common love of ones country. The alternatives are feudalism or despotism.
A first year politics student would know better than this. And some people still insist on blaming outsiders for the Wests troubles...

Pablo the Scot said...

These people would not be happier if British history was instead reduced to a retelling of only the inglorious aspects of Britain's story.

And so we would learn about slave ships plying the Atlantic in the 18th Century, but not a word on the Royal Navy suppressing slavery across the globe. And probably a lot about the rise of Mobeley's fascists in the 1930s but nothing about WW2.

These people make me physically sick.