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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Who Will Rid Us of This Archfoolery?

2003-02-27_a_lgI'm with Ian Dale, as I am with His Grace, Archbishop Cranmer, now that he has persuasively unplugged this nuttery and nonsense and insanity with all the balance it requires. I have always thought Rowan Williams was weak and fundamentally unfit for his post, but now he's being just downright dangerous. Thankfully, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury is not the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, but I wonder if Her Majesty has the power to dismiss him? If so, fire him at once. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Update: How do you solve a problem like sharia?


Anonymous said...


He should be immeditaely dismissed for such statements!

To say that Sharia Law should be used because some British Citizens do not relate to the British Legal system is an absurd argument!

Those who immigrated to Britain knew what law was used here before they came, so they should be expected to abide by it! And those who have lived here their whole lives should surely know how to live by it!

I've never been able to understand the desire to make the masses abide by the desires of a sensational few, all in the name of political correctness!

David Byers said...

I am shocked in the extreme when he says "there's one law for everybody and that's all there is to be said, and anything else that commands your loyalty or allegiance is completely irrelevant in the processes of the courts - I think that's a bit of a danger".

"There's a place for finding what would be a constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law, as we already do with some other aspects of religious law."
Probably the best argument for going back to the Church of Rome I have ever heard! And this is a point, British institutions like the Crown and their church seem to be so weak, can you imagine a Catholic country saying this sort of stuff? Can you imagine the Pope saying this sort of stuff?

But I can imagine Prince Charles asking to have Muslims represented at his coronation and saying stupid things, like the above from the Archbishop.

This than is the ultimate expression of Neil's world view, that one just bends down and let's British culture to be stuffed.

Matt said...

Good grief.

Jeff S. said...

This, it seems to me, is the logical conclusion of mulicultural pluralism. One simply does not expect to see it from an Archbishop. He is in essence supporting a relativistic tribalism.

I am not optimistic regarding the Anglican Church. Bishop N.T. Wright is one of the few rays of hope.

Here in the US, the Anglican church is in the beginning stages of rebuilding under the authority of the African Anglicans (see the AMiA), who seem to be the only ones who actually practice church discipline and use the 39 articles for more than mere window dressing.

Viscount Feldon said...

I don't share the belief that Islam is going to be the downfall of society, but I certainly don't think we need Islamic courts (or courts of any other faith). There should be one law for everyone. That's the only way to protect everyone.

Lord Best said...

Absurd. The last thing we need is someone with his authority coming out in support of this kind of dangerous, multi-cultural nonsense.
As I've said, I do not think mainstream Islam is a threat, but we do not need to encourage the fundamentalists who are a danger.

Pablo the Scot said...

Rowan Williams is a man of high intellect coupled with a weak personality and an even weaker ability to communicate clearly. Someone less suited to be Archbishop of Canterbury it is difficult to think of. Personally I wouldn't trust him with my local church!

Unfortunately Her majesty has no say in his appointment. We have Tony Blair to thank for this incompetent

Tiernan O Faolain said...

I'm not taking a position here on the Archbishop's comments. I'm a bit concerned about yours though, because you could be read as threatening his life. The post title, of course, echoes the murder of Thomas Becket, and "terminate with extreme prejudice" means "kill," it doesn't mean simply "fire," like "terminating" an employee. "Extreme prejudice" means the person doesn't have a chance to come back, because they're dead. I hope you didn't mean to call for the assassination of Archbishop Williams!

Scott said...

Of course we don't! Language can be colourful and metaphorical - in fact, it invariably is - rather than literal. If I say I want David Cameron to kick Gordon brown's backside, I am not literally disclosing a wish that he commit an act of assault upon the Prime Minister.

The Archbishop of Canterbury should resign. He is betraying his church and his country. He should more correctly be defrocked, too, and fined, sent away to live out an ignominious retirement somewhere safely distant from all megaphones.

I pray God he is brought down and ruined for this.

Stauffenberg said...

Come back, George Carey, all is forgiven!

Anonymous said...

The African church isn't going to like this. Anglicans in Nigeria aren't having fun with the spread of the Shari'a and won't like the head of their Church coming out with this stuff.

I think he's bonkers. The boredom of having to talk to politicians about inter-faith dialogues hs sent him crazy, and I soon expect to see him giggling madly as he skips up the aisle strewing live frogs on the congregation, his beard and cassock flapping wildly in his wake.

Or perhaps we're wrong. Perhaps he's just after a couple of extra wives...


Younghusband said...

The Aussies (once again) have it completely spot on! Ermmm, read my comment under the post about the possible knighthood for John Howard....

Younghusband said...

It would appear that, on the basis of today's Telegraph, The Queen would agree with the comments here:
Anxiety of Queen over sharia law controversy: