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Monday, 10 March 2008

Do You Believe in the
Supremacy of Parliament?

No, says British MPs, and with that the sun has set on the British Parliament. Following the losing referendum vote last Wednesday, a new clause sought to protect the legal supremacy of Westminster from any constitutional overreach of the E.U. Lisbon Treaty:

‘Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972, nothing in this Act shall affect or be construed by any court in the United Kingdom as affecting the supremacy of the United Kingdom Parliament.’

Vote Result: Yeas 40, Nays 380

And that's the end of that. When only 40 MPs still believe in the supremacy of Parliament, it's all over folks. The U.K. Government talks only of a "global Europe" now, and now Parliament as an institution has colluded in its own surrender to a European superstate by refusing to recognize its own sovereignty. Unless the people can wrestle power away from this lot in the next election, the weight of inevitability now points to the gradual and slow death of Parliament as a relevant institution to Britons.

Hat tip: Iain Dale


Anonymous said...

It makes one wonder why the British Taxpayerstill pays their bloody salary!! I'm sure they can care less about their Westminster salaries as most of them have effectively been blinded by the gold from Brussels! They have effectively voted themselves out of jobs, they sit at the whim of the EU now so why not make it official and close the doors to Westminster! Maybe when that finally happens the people of Britain will see how we've allowed ourselves to be slowly voted into slavery. I would weep for my country, except I have no country. This move is the final nail in the coffin of what was once the United Kingdom, Scotland has its own Parliament, Wales has its Assembly as does Northern Ireland and England will be broken into the 9 Euro regions, and this just makes that easier.

Dundonald said...

The reckoning will come. There is much historical precedent to reveal the likely outcome when politicians become not only disembodied from the people they purport to represent, but completely contemptuous of them.

The only way to get rid of these people is to shoot them.

Anonymousterry said...

I can only imagine how the two preceding commenters feel. It is disgusting how the ordinary Briton is now treated within their own country!

And it infuriates me that the Queen, who is the one person who could wake the people up from their slumber, is saying nothing! Terry

Anonymous said...

If put down in writing, it suggests that other documents _can_ usurp the supremacy of Parliament - so even pro-supremacy types can object. No point making an exception if you prove a rule in the process.

But yes, the UK Parliament isn't supreme. That much was determined decades ago in relation to the European Union.

Anonymous said...

Europe Rules Brittania. Europe Rules the waves. Britians forever, ever shall be slaves.

* * * * *

And, oh yes, follow the money. As the so-called "Euro" is essentially the Duetsch Mark, the EU is effectively controlled by Germans, who have the power to control the currency and therefore the purse strings. In sum, the Fourth Reich is all but an accomplished fate, and nary a shot was fired.

* * * *

Today shall live in infamy.

Lord Best said...

Right, and Merkel is Hitlers brain placed in the body of a bizarre joining of rugby player and the popular girls fat friend.

I'm not fond of the EU, the power-hungry, PC, hypocritical thing that it is, but so long as Britain/England has the ability to secede from the EU you can reclaim your sovereignty. Nations give up their absolute sovereignty in many ways, joining the UN, obeying international law, free trade agreements, trade zones, etc. It is not the end of the world.
Do not like it? Vote for a party who agrees with you, but try to avoid excessive silliness, please.

Anonymous said...

Well surely you're not surprised? The writing was on the wall years ago. Ask any Canadian, Australian or New Zealander who has had to queue in the "foreigners" line to gain entry to the UK, while Germans, Italians et al go straight on through!
However, consider the silver lining; it does seem to make any argument the IRA might make about a united Ireland rather redundant now that you are all just provinces of the EU!


Anonymous said...

I think we all like minded people need to take up arms and form a secret para-military organisation in which we plot to topple this obsurd and corrupt government instead of trying to save our country by typing away on keyboards.

Scott said...

Er... I don't think violence is an answer. I am sure all writers at the Monarchist - appalled and angry as we are with this act of parliamentary treason - do not believe shooting anyone, or para-military organisations, are a solution to be encouraged.

The British people must demonstrate on the streets, in strikes, in letters, withholding tax, at the ballot box, in civil disobedience in every imaginable way. That is the answer. We need to co-ordinate ourselves and never let up.

If there is to be a coup it'll be the army, not citizens, behind it. I personally would welcome the devoutly Christian head of the army, Sir Richard Dannatt, as our new Lord Protector (not getting rid of the Queen this time, though).

Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and every MP who voted for the Lisbon Treaty and Maastricht - in time - would be tried and punished for treason.

Stauffenberg said...

I am furious about the Commons vote - the result as such was bad but the low turnout in support of the motion was even more disappointing.

I am very sceptical of the EU myself (never seen the point of it deciding what I eat, buy or sell) have never liked monetary union, and the EU's pc agenda is just sickening.

I happen to be not "et al" but German indeed and was slightly nonplussed about some of the sentiments expreseed by one gentleman. I very much doubt that a significant number of my people have ever seen the EU as a means to an end in any fourth or whatever Reich sense.

In fact, most people over here are or have turned Euro-sceptic; many also having abstained from voting because politicians are out of touch. They are upset by European "laws" and over-regulation , no less so than many Brits. If just given half a chance a big majority here would like to see the return of the Mark, not because they or I want to domineer anyone but because they feel that what was basically their money, "real money" so to speak, was replaced by a plastic currency designed by a committee.
True, there always has been a naive group of well-meaning Europhiles, but their influence has been dwindling. Europe served as a kind of ersatz religion in secular times during the 80s and perhaps 90s but the debate about the entry of Turkey and the admission of country after country has disillusioned many.

Oh, and by the way, a wee bit of correction. In the original post about the Westminster vote the result was broken down in "Yeas" and "Nays". I always thought the Commons used "Ayes" and "Noes"? Oh, sorry! Once a German, always a German, you know...

Scott said...

Well, stauffenberg is fabulously welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Note that there were a couple of hundred MPs who didn't bother to vote. This is because it is just a non-vote, a disingenuous fig-leaf to cover the fact that the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution does end the supremacy of Parliament. It is the classic Euro-integrationist modus operandi: you say this is such-and-such, but we say it isn't, so there.

It's the same mentality as the Soviets insisting that every year had better crop production figures than the last, or Comical Ali insisting on camera that the Americans had been vaquished, even as suspiciously American-looking tanks could be seen in the panorama of Baghdad behind him... "This is the Truth, not the evidence of your lying eyes."

As such, I'm not surprised that the Noes couldn't be bothered to turn up. It would be fighting a battle that's already lost. Much better to spend the energy regrouping for the next battle.

Now, where's that "Emigrate to Sydney" brochure...?


Anonymous said...

Point taken Lord Best, lest anyone think I was being anything less than facetious.

Still, one must admit that the trajectory of the EU smacks of modern iteration of a secular or "Unholy" Roman Empire in the Carolingian, which is simply to say an over arching pan-Germanic super state.

Surely, an Anglo-American or even a broader Anglo-Sphere Confederation has more to offer the United Kingdom than surrender of an ounce (no grams, please) of sovereignty to the Continent.

Anonymousterry said...

You guys can offer each other platitudes about the current situation that Britain now finds itself in until the cows come home. The fact is, which you have all sidestepped, why have a Monarch if that Monarch remains silent while her realm is slowly dismantled around her?

Do you not believe, that if the Queen chose to speak out to her people it would have the effect of galvanizing the population into some sort of action?

If you do not believe this then I would suggest to you that the monarchy is now dead and only the burying needs to take place. Terry

Scott said...

I do believe it.

I think we all know it to be true, too.

And perhaps she will, perhaps she will.

Lord Best said...

When you join a Club, you obey its rules, you give your independence of action to follow its dictates, but you can leave at the time of your choosing. As it is with the EU. The loss of sovereignty can be reversed, it is ephemeral.
If an anti-EU government is elected, and they proceed to leave the EU, what do you think the EU will do? They cannot force you to stay.
All this fuss seems reminscent of the furore in Australia over the Howard government entering into free trade agreement with hte US. It was predicted to be the end of Australia, the end of its sovereignty, we may as well just become an official state and be done with it. The FTA was signed, the sky stayed up, the world continued, no one particularly noticed anything different. So it will most likely be with the Treaty of Lisbon. In the event that it is a disaster, support for abandoning it will grow, and god willing, a decent government will be elected which will abandon it.

Anonymous said...

A challenging point of view regarding the E.U.:

Freya Sykes said...

Hello all,
Well I was one of the "rebels" who organised the local referendum in Crigglestone in West Yorkshire...something that was a resounding sucess with 100% of the turn out saying no to the loss of sovereignty and a big huge YES to us having a referendum on the issue. Unfortunately the government seems to just ignore the wishes of the people of this country and I do agree with the comments about the her as much as I do, and I like the fact that she is usually "non vocal" on issues of politics - it IS now the right time for her stand up and galvanise her people into action for her own sake and the sake of the future generations of the Monarchy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that it had been established in the English courts that the only way the Palace of Westminster could lose its place as final arbiter of law in the UK was if it dissolved itself. Please, much as we all wish for full independence, let us not collapse into the sloth of fatalism. Remember Churchill's words - never, never, never surrender.