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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Imperial Mark Steyn


Lord Best said...

I've heard his name but had not heard him speak before, bless his Imperialist little heart.
The is right on the money in regards to multi-culturalism and multi-culturalists as well. Believe me, if you had spent time at university in the last few years seeing what these people come up with, what they say and plot, you would be stricken with fear, not of other cultures, but of the enemy within the gates.

Pablo the Scot said...

Witty, entertaining and with a sharp mind able to cut right to the point, I hope to hear more of the irrepressable Mr Steyn!

Beaverbrook said...

I've known of him for years. Although you wouldn't know it with that Midlands accent of his, he's a Canuck of the pre-Pearson/Trudeau genre, and God bless his Anglospherist little heart for that. You've probably seen his writing in The Australian and countless other English-speaking newspapers, though today he spends most of his time blogging in The Corner at National Review.

Stauffenberg said...

Brilliant, spot on and entertaining. His statement about things that used to be called facts was just great.

Steyn is surely right about the hollowness of multiculturalism and the lack of beliefs and principles on which multiculturalism is based. If one does not, within reason, know and value one's culture, how can one urge migrants to respect it let alone be respected by them?

Jeff S. said...

Regarding the English vs. European distinction, I always wondered why the U.K. and the U.S. were not joined in a trade agreement ala NAFTA (not ala Maastricht). It would seem to make much more economic as well as cultural sense for England to be part of NAFTA than the European Union. You get the trade benefits without having your culture steamrolled by heavy handed Europa legislation.

Anonymousterry said...

Mark Steyn is a very astute journalist. I have read his book, America Alone, it is both witty and informative. Any one wishing to have a quick appreciation of the world around them would do themselves a big favor by reading it. Terry

John said...

Good to see Mark speaking at last!