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Monday, 14 April 2008

A Lady Vice-Regal for Australia

The Monarchist congratulates Quentin Bryce, the current Governor of Queensland, for her future appointment as Queen's representative to Australia.



Lord Best said...

I'm not at all familiar with our new Governoress-General, but from what I've read and gathered from relatives who live in Queensland, she is an immensely impressive woman with not a whiff of republicanism around her.

Marquis Black said...

Is she the first female Governor General of Australia?

Beaverbrook said...

Yes. In comparison, Canada has had three.

David Byers said...

All I can say is she has done the job of representing the Queen before, so that is a plus. She does not take over until September. Of course the silly bloody media go straight to the republican movement to ask what they think!

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

I hope she is classier than our self-important pretenders we usually get here in the Northern Dominion!

Lord Best said...

The media is really rather amusing in a pathetic kind of a way. It seems the last four, including this latest, GGs have been our last, who would have thought? Every new appointment and the debate starts up, only to die again because no one cares.

David Byers said...

Oh and here is a link to give you an idea of the type of new Prime Minister we have he in Australia:

Lord Best said...

Disturbing. But so long as he is doing it in a private capacity an not as Prime Minister its none of our business. To be fair there are rumours that he is a friend of Ms Blanchett.
Very typical Bolt article, all copy and paste. Atleast he doesn't seem to pretend otherwise anymore. I dont want to sound too mean, I like Bolt. He has an open contempt for his readership I find refreshing, not to mention justified.

David Byers said...

Mr Andrew Bolt does a lot of "cut & paste" because there are so many issues out there to get to the his readers, though he can still write a great article when needs be.

"He has an open contempt for his readership" what a baseless thing to say, where is the evidence to back up such a remark? It is the PC types that look down their noses at the rest of us surely.

Scott said...

I'm going to bet he's referring of late to posts like this:

Lord Best said...

The PC nuts pretend that they love their readers and whatnot, Bolt plays games with them, teases them, and on the whole is much more honest about it. Did you see his april fools? Pretending he was going to stand as a Liberal, stringing his readership along and dissapointing them all with glee at the end. There are other examples too, the way he uses certain words and phrases to shape the debate in his comments section, baits both his right and left wing readers. Its all great fun to read.
I like him, dont mistake me, and agree with a great deal of what he writes.
The problem with Bolt used to be that he would copy and paste, but not tell anyone. That is called plagiarism and is generally considered a Bad Thing. And we are talking 80% of an article copied from somewhere else, not just a few odd paragraphs. They all do it of course, Bolt is just caught more often.