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Saturday, 17 May 2008

More Royal Weddings Like This One Please

Peter Phillips, the Queen's eldest grandson, is one smart royal for having finally extended the franchise outside of England. It's about time a Canadian entered the radiant mix, just as it's time for Australia and New Zealand and anywhere else where the Crown still shines brightly.

couplePA1705_468x507With Autumn Kelly, the "Canadian Royal Family" now has a ring of truth to it, and why not with the British Royal Family already amalgamating the blood and genes of English and Scottish, German and French, Greek and Danish, etc - the more the merrier, I say. As one of our correspondents remarked last year, if Prince William married an Australian, the republican movement down there would be over before you could say glossy magazine.

PhillipsMOS_468x609Peter Phillips leaves St George's Chapel, Windsor with his Canadian bride Autumn Kelly

002wedding1MOS_468x323Welcome to the Family...

autstepsAP1705_468x356Wedding guests follow the bridal party out of the church and gather on the steps

autcarriageAP1705_468x576The newlyweds depart from the church ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage



Shaftesbury said...

How appropriate that Miss Kelly marries into the "Firm" on Victoria Day Weekend!

God Save the Queen!

Long May She Reign!

Palmerston said...

Smashing coat tails!

Anonymous said...

3 years anf they divorce....