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Monday, 2 June 2008

Prince William Joins the Senior Service

Sub-Lieutenant William Wales entered the Royal Navy today and will serve in HMS Iron Duke after undergoing three weeks of basic training, the latest stage in a military career that has seen him deployed in all three Armed Services.

APTOPIX BRITAIN  PRINCE WILLIAMRear Admiral Bob Cooling, Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff, said yesterday that William’s attachment would be rigorous and challenging, and he spoke with pride about the Prince joining Iron Duke to patrol the waters of the Caribbean for cocaine drug smugglers. The Rear Admiral said:

"It will be a thrill and privilege – not a pain in the ass – for the ship’s company. If we treated him like some super-VIP and tailored a programme for him and walked around on eggshells, then it would be difficult. But he is going to come in just like any other young officer and do all the things young officers get involved in. As far as the training goes, it’s very rigorous. We don’t have passengers out in warships for obvious reasons and he will need to be able to pull his weight in an emergency. The Royal Navy in general, and HMS Iron Duke in particular, are very much looking forward to having this opportunity to show our future King what we do."


Beaverbrook said...

I'm glad you said he will serve in HMS Iron Duke and not on it. So much of the press incorrectly states that he'll be serving on the ship, but as anyone who knows about sea life and the importance of naval terminology, will know that we serve in ships and not on them!

Lord Best said...

I like Rear Admiral Bob Cooling's attitude.
How often is the future head of state of a country in active military sevice in any other country. Not often these days.

Wellington said...

Did someone say Iron Duke? I'm all ears, please state your pleasure.

Si's blog said...

Interesting that the original HMS Iron Duke was Jellicoe's flagship. Jutland was May 31 - June 1 1916. The fickle finger points again.

Scott said...

Oh Jutland!

Incidentally, I have a ship's bell from one of the British ships of that affray hanging in my garden (my grandfather and great uncle fought in it), along with ludicrous other trinkets. I'm not sure if they're unlucky or not...

Anonymous said...

Well said about serving in ships. Unfortunately, 95% of people you will speak with in the Canadian Navy these days can't get it right.

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

I think he looks better in Army patrol blues... ;)