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Monday, 16 June 2008

William, Royal Knight of the Garter

Prince William becomes the 1000th Knight of the Garter



Lachlan said...

i some how think it would have been better if this honour had gone to John Howard. Prince William is very worthy of the honour though i cant help but think somebody from one of the other realms should have had the honour bestowed on them. also anything to show the monarchy including Australians will always help the monarchist cause.

Lord Best said...

Had it gone to Howard the Monarchist cause would have become entangled in federal politics, something it must aspire to be above. Rightly or wrongly it would have been seen as tacit support for the Liberal party.
Nevermind the question whether he deserves such a high honour.

Anonymous said...

Royal Knights are extra. They do not take the place of the 24 knights of the garter. John Howard was not competing with Prince William any more than he was with the Queen.

Lachlan said...

sorry anon i was not aware of that. though i still see my arguments for john howard recieving the honour as valid.

Lord Best, Menzies who was the PM was knighted so a precedent for the knighthoods of prime ministers has been set. im also not saying this as a liberal supporter (i wont be able to vote untill the end of the year) but as somebody who reads about and saw some of the great works that John Howard did. Of course maybe the Australian Knighthoods should be brought back for that type of recognition instead of recieveing an AO or AC.