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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Trafalgar gets its Fourth Plinth

An Equestrian Statue of Elizabeth II will be commissioned in Trafalgar Square

QUEEN RIDING WINDSORLONDON'S TRAFALGAR SQUARE, to educate the uninitiated, is dominated by a monument, set on a 156-foot column, of Britain’s greatest naval hero, Horatio, Lord Nelson. Nelson died in 1805 during the final hours of his command in the Napoleonic Wars’ most significant naval engagement, when, without losing a single ship, Britain trounced the combined forces of France and Spain at Cape Trafalgar off the Spanish coast.

Nelson’s monument is surrounded by four plinths. Three are occupied by statues of Generals Havelock and Napier, and King George IV. The fourth plinth, its 1841 commission vacated for want of funds, remained empty until only a couple of years ago. In recent years the plinth’s fate had become the focus of heated debate, as a commission struck for the purpose mooted a variety of appropriate occupants (amongst them Princess Diana and the soccer champion David Beckham), but eventually designated it a showcase for British sculptors and modern art, with installations to rotate over periodic intervals.

Ultimately and thankfully that will come to an end now, as it has been announced that Her Majesty will permanently occupy the fourth plinth in memorial, most likely as the longest reigning sovereign in British Commonwealth history. Needless to say this is most deserving.

It is also long overdue. What I find most surprising about this is that there are no statues, equestrian or otherwise, of the Queen in the United Kingdom today, apart from the one in Windsor Great Park. In fact Canada by itself has more, especially with its two larger than life equestrians of our Queen in the capitals Ottawa and Regina.


Above and below, Her Majesty rides equestrian in Regina, Saskatchewan. The statue was unveiled by Her Majesty in 2005, to celebrate the province's centennial

A similar statue below was unveiled in Ottawa years before. Here she rides atop Burmese, her favourite horse, which was donated to Her Majesty by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969



Cato, author of said...

Do we have a confirmed source for this splendid news?

Beaverbrook said...

Cato, welcome back to blogging! I was going on Gerald Warner's splendid piece in the Daily Telegraph: