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Friday, 30 January 2009

Charles I

Three hundred and sixty years ago today the English Puritans dared to murder their anointed King. Kings had of course been killed before, but never so openly and never with the claim of "legality."

The American Society of King Charles the Martyr will hold its annual mass and meeting tomorrow at S. Stephen's Church in Providence, Rhode Island. The British SKCM of course commemorates the anniversary annually as well.

In this excerpt from Cromwell, Alec Guinness movingly portrays the King's final moments.

On the 131st anniversary (1780), as Americans were engaged in another rebellion against another King, the heroic loyalist Rev. Charles Inglis, rector of Trinity Wall Street, preached this sermon on "The Duty of Honouring the King." Other materials related to King Charles the Martyr can be found here.



J.K. Baltzersen said...

Yes we need to remember! Great post!

Though, you are actually ten days too early.

It was on January 30, 1648, but that was in the Julian Calendar. As the start of the year was moved when converting to the Gregorian Calendar, that converts to 1649 in our calendar. However, there also was a 10 day switch. So the correct day in the Gregorian Calendar would actually be February 9.

Anonymous said...

"Twas a cruel necessity," as Cromwell said.

But it did forever secure the principle of Constitutional Monarchy.

God save The Queen.

Theodore Harvey said...

Treason and regicide are NEVER "necessary." Cromwell was a traitor and a murderer and should not be regarded with anything other than loathing and contempt. I can't stand the Whiggish view that there was anything good whatsoever about what happened in 1649. Pure, unadulterated evil.

I accept today's constitutional monarchy and will always defend it against its enemies, but I would prefer a monarchy that actually ruled, for which cause (and that of the Church) Charles I gave his life. There is nothing to celebrate in the fact that New Labour have been able to do exactly as they like with no interference from the Crown. Down with Democracy! Long live the Divine Right of Kings!

Anonymous said...

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." -- Churchill

Anonymous said...

The Cavalier Cause (the Royalist cause) in the civil war was the true and only manner in order to defend and preserve the rights of people in England against the puritan despotism and Cromwell's usurpation, dictatorship and avarice of power. So in Spanish the royalist and "ilustrado" gaditanic movemente anti-bonapartist. God Bless the King Charles!

Sir Walter Scott said...

Yes, for all his faults, God bless him, and God save him, and God save his troubled realm.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous constitutionalist seems to have chosen quotes from two people notorious for causing the deaths of large numbers of people.

'I accept today's constitutional monarchy and will always defend it against its enemies...'

Does that include absolutists like me, Mr Harvey?

'Down with Democracy! Long live the Divine Right of Kings!'

I'll agree to that! Great post, by the way.

Anonymous said...

...of course, a good opinion. God Bless England at the cromwellian slavery too, a postrate realm.

Theodore Harvey said...

By the "enemies" of constitutional monarchy I meant primarily republicans, as well as those on the far right who consider it useless.

Anonymous said...

I'll defend the constitutional monarchy against the republicans as well. At least as far as such a useless institution can be defended.

By that I mean that it isn't being used, not that it can't be.

Anonymous said...

The true enemy of a Free Monarchy is a Dictatorship (for a individual person or a mob)'s a tomist doctrine, common between catholic or anglican people. A democracy without solidarity and party-zeal is a real enemy of a Constitucional Monarchy.

David Byers said...

A very sad time was 1649.

David Byers said...
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Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

But the "siècle" flourished in 1660, with Restoration age: science, arts, crafts, gallantry... in a moderate Monarchy with Charles II; just so, in a royalist constitution.

Anonymous said...

I am working hard to uncover the past of my family.

ourbon-Soissons tree descending from Louis I de Bourbon (1530-1569) through Louis de Bourbon (1604-6 Jul 1641). Whom defeated the evil Cardinal Richelieu's forces at the Battle of Battle of La Marfee but died at the moment of victory due to a pistol accident. The Cardinal Richelieu whom despised the Bourbon-Soissons had his legitimate son Jean De Bourbon sent to New France (Canada) under guard hoping to have them live in obscurity. The Cardinal was not about to allow the true royal family to ruin his plans for a New World Order. With the Royal Family that had guarded all of Christendom removed from power, nothing would stop him. September 11 1611, the birthdate of General Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne in France whom was a pet of the Cardinal de Richelieu. Whom some have supposed Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu to be the true founder of the Illuminati and New World Order and a Satanist. It is known that Louis XIV was illegitimate because King Louis VIII was gay and not bi, and couldn't at least perform his royal function just for that purpose and had never slept with the Queen. Most gay or bi Kings still at least fathered children but Louis XIII was too weak mentally. Alexander Dumas's novels theorize that a musketeer was the father of Louis XIV. Jean De Bourbon was baptized by the Archbishop Francois de Harlay as the Son of the King of Canada on 8 Dec 1627 in Rouen, Normandy, France. This family has continued to live on and includes many legitimate true claimants including Elijah Jacob Shalis, whom is legitimately descended from paternally and in addition maternally differently from the Plantagenet, Capet and Atheling Houses many times over, going back to Charlemagne on his maternal side as well as the Scottish Houses of Dunkeld and Alpin. Prior to Sealed Court Adoption last name was Wheeler, father's listed as Libera. Some others try with zero evidence to use other sources to prove that boy that was baptized was someone other than Jean de Bourbon which is noted in the source listed. Demers, Armand (1998). Searching Through The Old Records of New France, For All Of Those Genealogical Details, Of Father Cyprien Tanguay's "A Travers Les Registeres". Quintin Publications. ISBN 158211-044-1.