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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Peasant as Master

Lincoln/Obama in the streets of Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in those United States of America

Es ist kein Schwert das schärfer schiert,
Als wenn ein Baur zum Herren wird.

(There is no sword that cuts sharper,
Than if a peasant becomes master.)
– Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen, Simplicissimus

This past month, we marked Presidents' Day, and it was also the bicentenary of the birth of the “log cabin President.” The newly inaugurated POTUS is struggling to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln.

The myth of Lincoln as the “Great Emancipator” lives on in spite of the efforts of Professor DiLorenzo through The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked. The war was not about slavery initially. It was about the right to secede.

Now, let's leave the argument over why the South seceded, and let's assume that it was due to the slavery institution being threatened by the North and the federal government, e.g., through the weakening of the institution a ban on slavery in new territories would give. Let's also suppose that Lincoln did have an agenda of abolishing slavery, but he could not openly be an outright abolitionist due to the risks that would give to his political career. Let's also presume that the Emancipation Proclamation, which did not apply to territories under Union jurisdiction, not only was strategically designed to avoid intervention by the British Empire, but also strategically designed for domestic purposes – to abolish slavery whilst not provoking those in the North who opposed abolition. If we make these assumptions, slavery was abolished as a result of the war. We don't even have to make these assumptions. Slavery was abolished nonetheless.

With or without these assumptions, however, there still is a major problem, to say the least. These facts remain:
  • The rest of the West ended slavery peacefully.
  • Lincoln violated the U.S. Constitution big time.
  • The right for the States to secede was in effect abolished, removing an effective check on the federal government.
  • The more aristocratically oriented Southern culture was demolished.
  • The more decentralized system was replaced by a central state run from Washington, D.C.
  • A behemoth to run around the world “making it safe for democracy” was created.
  • Life, liberty, and property were destroyed.
It is praised that a boy born in a log cabin can grow up to be President. Likewise, it is praised that a boy abandoned by his Kenyan father can grow up to be President.

Across the Big Pond, Peter Tatchell praised the inauguration of the first black POTUS. He says about his own country:
If [Britons enthusiastic about the inauguration] were consistent they would join the call for a democratically elected and accountable head of state, open to British people of all races, classes and faiths or beliefs.
Oh yes, everyone's right to be our Overlord; that concept that has given us so much progress.

What about caring for liberty instead of the right to rise to the top irrespective of class, race, gender, or whatever classification you can think of?

The “login cabin President” grew up to be a tyrant. Napoleon came with his ambitions and put Europe through hell, not to speak of a mere corporal from Austria with a moustache. Obama has a Civil Rights agenda, where combating employment discrimination is central. Is Obama a group representative using his power to tell everyone else how they shall treat his kind? Never mind property rights?

Peter Tatchell also says:
The current monarchical system of determining our head of state is premised on the assumption that the most ignorant, stupid, immoral white Windsor first-born is more entitled to be our head of state than the best-informed, wisest and most moral black or Asian Briton.
The democratically elected politicians are well-informed, wise, and moral? And a democratically elected head of state will be? Of course! And pigs will fly!

Plato told us:
No one ever teaches well who wants to teach, or governs well who wants to govern.
What now is the case is that we get a contest between those who have the highest ambitions of governing.

On that Tuesday back in November, Americans had the choice between McCain and Obama. Isn't it great that you get to choose your own Overlord?

A “stimulus” package has just passed through Congress. The concept is tantamount to my refurbishing my bathroom if I get laid off to get my personal economy going. Wisdom amongst those who are elected by the masses?

Fact is that interest rates should be set up, not down. However, most people are in debt, and they don't like interest rates going up. The politicos are taking care of their reelection, and they prefer injection of more alcohol to accepting the hard hangover. Allowing the hard medicine of liquidation of debt would make the masses of debtors upset. The politicos who want their votes would not risk that.

It was about the same in Versailles 90 years ago. There had been a war between peoples, and the people, who had suffered the war, wanted “someone” to pay. The politicos gave the people what they wanted good and hard. So there could be no peaceful peace, as the aristocrats had arranged about a century earlier.

That's the concept of modern democracy in a nutshell. Isn't it grand?

The democratic century has given us lots of intervention, domestic and foreign. The politicos interfere in our lives, homes, and businesses to an unprecedented level. The economy is managed, which gives us booms and busts. The omnipotent democratic government seems to have no limits.

But I guess that's OK when anyone, of whatever class, race, gender, etc., born in a log cabin or a mansion, can grow up to be President.

Originally published at the Intellectual Conservative.


Moshea bat Abraham said...

Excellent post, thank you.

David Byers said...

Why are Americans making such a big deal about having a black President? Zimbabwe has had one for years and he’s shit!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post. I often tell people the same Lincoln/Civil War fact that the end of slavery was just a final FU to the south and not the reason for the war. Most don't believe me,to avert any arguement I tell them to read a history book. Unsurprisingly most people don't want to be bothered with reading. I always find it amazing that most americans prefer to rely on historical myth rather than take the time to learn something.

Anonymous said...

David Byers, you are a racist fucktard.

Fuck you.

David Byers said...

Anonymous, Don't have the guts to put you name to what you write mmm...

My point is being black does not make the new US President better than any other President. That and to put it in a funny way;)

dave said...

I'm the first anonymous, I hope you were refering to anonymous 2. I had nothing to do with that comment.

David Byers said...

Yes anonymous 2.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, You are so right. It seems that Americans will believe whatever the government tells them. It gets annoying when you try to have an intelligent conversation with one of them.

J. A. Crisp said...

I find it rather comical that the Democratic Party is trying so hard to associate Obama with Lincoln who was, of course, the first Republican President of the USA. However, readers of this blog might be more interested to know just how rabidly small "r" republican Lincoln was. It was his government which issued the unanymous (because there were no southerners in Washington at that point) condemnation of any effort to establish a monarchy in the Americas. This was, of course, aimed at the French effort to restore the Mexican monarchy under Emperor Maximilian. Republican clubs sprang up all across the country to raise money for the fugitive Mexican president and the Lincoln administration did all in its power to weaken the Mexican throne and to send money, supplies, weapons and even (unofficially) thousands of additional soldiers to bolster the republican forces in Mexico. Lincoln was a staunch republican and opposed monarchy wherever it existed.

ignatius masayuki said...

Anonymous II: classic liberals.

These creatures are easily spotted. They are loud, dumb and illogical.
They never able to explain their statements logically, for example it said that David’s is a racist. How the hell it can tell that just based on his comment. The comment is straightforward and sensible, it’s not.
Another example, these creatures say that Monarchy is undemocratic and never care about the welfare of their people, but the simple fact is all the worst shithole (pardon my french) on earth is republic. They glorified Athens as the birth place of the republican system, but they fail to tell us that Athens’s republic was established simply because the Athenian felt that no one can or should ever replaced their last heroic King’s position.
In my perspective in many ways liberals’ way of thinking is not so different from my dog’s, the only different is I love my dog, but these liberals; I like to cook them all.