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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Where in the devil is Prince Charles?

Curious images of Nazi hegemony are probably not the ideal photo opportunity for a British prince on Commonwealth day. I mean, what's next: Goosesteps and pickelhaubes on Remembrance Day? Gestapo tea, anyone? Goering aftershave?

SAmerica2The Prince of Wales inspects the Guard of Honour at the Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile, on the second day of an overseas tour to Chile, Brazil and Ecuador, 9 March 2009. His Royal Highness is accompanied by The Duchess of Cornwall on the tour, which is being carried out at the request of the British Government and which focuses on environmental issues and the Government's climate change priorities.
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Lewis said...

More importantly, the man who would be the future Head of the Commonwealth was no-where to be seen on Commonwealth Day.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the goose-step and the pickelhaube are both alive and well in South America! Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Gladstone said...

Lewis: He's on a diplomatic mission to South America, improving British standings overseas in places where Britain is, perhaps, not often thought of (except in Argentina ;) ). I would've wished him to be in one of the Commonwealth countries on Commonwealth Day, to celebrate, but sometimes life just doesn't turn out that way.

Lewis said...

Indeed it doesn't. But given these visits are planned years in advance, it is strange... or a message from the Prince to the Commonwealth realms.

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Big deal... german helmets. Anyway, where far more pretty than the british ones at WWII. And protected better the users, also. Our army used to wear the UK helmets, but these "dishes" simply did not fit in combat.

Emil said...

The main reason the Prince of Wales is visiting South America is to visit the Galapagos Islands celebrating the 200 years of Charles Darwin's voyage where he began his research on evolution. He's taking the opportunity to visit other countries in the area while he's at it.

And in my opinion it isn't much of a scandal that he isn't in the Commonwealth for Commonwealth Day, for the Monarch is the only one expected to be at such celebrations. The other Royals only represent the Queen in duties she cannot physically attend.

Anonymous said...

Why would this photo reflect poorly on Prince Charles? If you're going to complain about the picture looking Nazi-esque, complain to the South American country he's visiting. It's their military who decided to look like WWII era soldiers.

J.A. Crisp said...

It might have been WWI era soldiers too. I remember seeing some Swedish Royal cavalry guards riding through Stockholm and with their spiked helmets I almost thought the Prussians were invading Scandinavia.