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Friday, 22 December 2006

Niagara Falls in the Frozen Dominion


Younghusband said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. It's been a rather mild winter, and in the best (worst?) of times it's hard to convey to people what being in Winterpeg with -42 Centigrade was like. This helps somewhat.
I wanted to tell you Beaverbrook how impressed I am by the effort you've made with the links and images. Wish I knew how to do that myself... It must have taken you a hell of a long time, but it looks really good. More dignified than those garish red bars! Maybe it would have been better to replace those red bars with proper 'pink bits'...

Younghusband said...
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The Monarchist said...

The pleasure is all mine. Really.

I'm actually doing more tweaking than any major overhaul. As you know, the links were already done, and I'm just in the process of bringing everything over to the new template. Much more to come.

I really wish I could have worked through the old template, but it was just too chalk full of errors, and Blogger 2.0 was haveing none of it. So it was time to pull the ripcord. I'm already thanking myself for doing it.

Old Dominion inspiration will come from illustration as well as words. I take immense delight in the old stone pioneer edifices that were erected in lower and upper canada before and after confederation, and plan on making this a biiger part of my posting ontribution in the future. I'm glad you're liking the developments so far.

3 lions said...

Wow, these pics are fantastic, I love looking at old pictures but these are even better than usual.