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Friday, 22 December 2006

There'll Always Be An England, Maybe

Britain finds herself this Christmas in a very sad state indeed. Her Majesty's Home Secretary and a number of other figures have announced that a successful terror attack in Albion is inevitable before the year finishes. An aide to the British commander in Afghanistan has been arrested for spying on behalf of Iran. A murder suspect has fled the country as a fully-covered Islamic female (so clad, authorities didn't dare ascertain his identity). Our Prime Minister is the first in British history to be interviewed by the police whilst in office; and Her Majesty's Government stands splattered about in slime and corruption, no longer even pretending to virtue, but nakedly flouting the law itself. 36% of the British electorate are actively giving up on mainstream British politics. Israelis now advise British subjects on how to live in a nation beset by suicide bombers. Over 200,000 British subjects left the country last year; almost a million have gone since 2000; meanwhile each year half a million Muslims enter. ID cards, speech hate laws, both on the horizon - a quarter of the world's CCTV cameras swivelling atop our lampposts and high-streets - our armed forces cut, cut and cut again.

My friends, Britain is over, or is just about to be. It still feels strangely untouched in places – I type this looking out across a hilly, crisp cold landscape, spotted liberally with trees and the footprints of animals, the sun starting to set, not a cloud about, frost stuck to our path, hot cocoa on the stove, King’s College choir in the CD player, and a long fun night of present-wrapping ahead… and yet, the trap’s been sprung, the net is over us, and all that remains is for the terrible future to haul in its prey.

All offers of invasion from brother nations warmly welcomed. I, for one, would welcome some new Anglosphere over-lords with open arms. A coalition of the willing - John Howard and Stephen Harper leading, appointing an amenable Viceroy in due time - would be Britain's best Christmas present of all. How about it?


The Monarchist said...

A little overwrought as I don't think it's bad as all that, Sir Walter Scott (pls change your display name). Blair has come out with a new conformist policy and the government now seems to be in tune with not tolerating the intolerant. The great thing about Britishness is that it transcends ethnoculturalism, allowing British Muslims to feel at home, even though a fanatical minority refuse to show loyalty to it. There will always been an England. Let's just hope there will always be a Britain.

Sir Walter Scott said...

Hmm. I don't know. It's hard to believe Blair's words are anything but hollow after 10 years of fine rhetoric absent substantive action. Britain feels, and from all the news and statistical reports, is, in very poor health indeed. And, with the rise of the SNP and gaudy Welsh nationalism, Britishness isn't doing too well either.

Charles said...

My wife (a Brit), was shocked when I told her that I read a stat that claimed 100,000 people from the Greater London Area leave each year. They are going to places Like Canada, Austrailia, and the States because the colonies are now more British than Britain.Sure Britain has the historical memories and chattels, but the British mindset has been high-jacked by socialism (built upon the WW-II rebuilding effort and continues to this day) and all inclusive 'Multi-culturalism',even inclusive of cultures that are corrosive to the majority.Some cultures just don't blend with western ideals.Who doesn't want an Indian resturant or Chinese buffet in their neighborhood, but the people who move in and own these places aren't the ones that are blowing up our friends and family in the name of Allah. Canada is not far behind Britain when it comes to these facts but if you live in the suburbs away from Toronto and the like you can lead a pretty normal life.We love to visit Britain a couple times a year to visit friends and family but we see that the future is not there, unless Blair or his successor stands firm on some sort of cultural conformity.

Anonymous said...

It will get much better after it gets a lot worse.

Merry Christmas.


3 lions said...

There will always be an England, in my heart and in the hearts of my children, then theirs and so on.

Our Welsh deputy PM Mr Prescott has even denied that England is a nation !!!! When I visited NZ a couple of years ago I found a beautiful young confident country with its own identity but in a strange way, just how England used to be. The people were also great, friendly and no one ripped you off. Having visited Canada a number of times I have found it similar..great places indeed.

Larry said...

No doubt England is a great country. A top read is the Weekly Telegraph newspaper. The Common Wealth country's with England as the mother country, is the Western World.