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Saturday, 10 March 2007

A Bleak House We Are Not

Please welcome two new scribes from the English-speaking sphere. The 1st Duke of Marlborough joins us from outside of Liverpool (John Churchill is perfectly okay, I only ruled out our patron, Winston Churchill), and the extraordinary hero-scoundrel "Ruffian Dick", known as Sir Richard Francis Burton (photo below), is spiritually drawn to us from the Canadian Maritime province of New Brunswick.

As I have discovered on many occasions before, people of all persuasions, many of whom would not want to be reduced to that crabby title "monarchist", are nevertheless captivated by the spirit of this site in a way that no dreary and rationally tedious republican could ever hope to achieve. We can be an inarticulate and disorderly quarrel at the best of times (with exceptions), but a Bleak House we are not.


Juan Tolentino said...

One of the things I enjoy about this site is that I always seem to learn something new about the Britannic heritage at least once a week (more often is likely). Certainly, I would have never learned about these people until you'd mentioned them.

I was about to mention something else, but the late hour and my usual forgetfulness have once again conspired to rob me. Perhaps another day.

canicus said...

I like the site because of the historical anecdotes that come with it, and because I'm giving monarchy a think-through to evaluate it. It's perhaps the best site I've seen on the subject, and I look forward to more data.

Neil Welton said...

A month ago I received an e-mail from a republican in The Principality of Wales. He told me that the Monarchy Wales website upset him so much because it made it clear that there were still large numbers of young people who would not stop believing in the (expletive) Monarchy. He said he thought it was the most depressing website that he had ever visited - until, that is, he visited The Monarchist. He explained that he couldn't understand why young people still believed in all that rubbish and, not only that, celebrated it. That's why I like 'The Monarchist - depressing republicans around the world since 2005'.

Neil Welton said...

Oh, I forgot, it also deeply annoys and irritates them as well - overwhelmingly proven by the style of their contributions here and the fact that they keep on visiting.

Scott said...

Welcome aboard the (of course) *HMS* Monarchist.

Anonymous said...

I, a republican of Welsh extract, don't find your site depressing I find it a never ending source hilarity. Someone even said they get a woody seeing men in short pants and fur lined robes wearing powered dead sheep on their heads. Oh yeah, the yuks never end!!!!

Neil Welton said...

That was Beaverbook. Bringing a whole new meaning to The Proud Tower. A Tower no doubt bigger than your own.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but towering with a dead sheep??? I'm backing away slowly.