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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Proud to be among the English-speaking peoples

This little gem of an article is from today's Ottawa Citizen and it is another review of Andrew Robert's A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900, described as being "aimed at the sort of audience that used to read history, fine biographies and good novels in the same spirit: that "elevated general reader."

The reviewer, David Warren, begins by defining the term "Anglosphere" as those countries "whose primary language is English, and whose legal, political, cultural and religious traditions are directly descended from Britain and Magna Carta" and furthermore, united in "a common-sense view of the world that is distinguishable from continental Europe's."

Quickly running over Canada's special situation which, to Warren, "could be an important bridge across the 'English Channel of the mind,'he then gets to the book's main warning as we start this new century - the "fourth great test, against what has been called 'Islamofascism.' Will the Anglosphere again stand united, in defence of the West?" The answer is not one to appeal to optimists:

Roberts takes this as an open question. He is distressed by demographics and by "multiculturalism." Massive immigration from dysfunctional Third World states is transforming our societies, especially in leading urban centres, and our educational systems have "progressed" to reflect a demented cultural relativism, in which our own English-speaking heritage is disowned, barbarous ideas are substituted piecemeal, and a void is created into which all kinds of horrors may be sucked.

We are no longer assimilating immigrants and winning them over to our language and outlook; we are instead surrendering everything we stand for.

Nevertheless, Roberts sees hope as members of the Anglosphere defend their values together in Iraq and Afghanistan. The reviewer too mentions how Bush invited Roberts to lunch at the White House last week after he had finished reading the book, and apparently Cheney was reading it while in hospital.

The review ends with a plea I believe strikes at the heart of all us here;
English-speaking intellectuals should devote a lot more thought to the Anglosphere, to what it has been and could be.


Len said...

As I was perusing the ranks of my fellow Blogging Tories my travels brought me here to The Monarchist. It has been some time since my last visit and for that I humbly apologize.

I wish to say what a fine blog this is and the arguments you put forth on the merits of retaining the monarchy are quite compelling.

Keep it up and you may make a High Tory out of me yet.

Good show gentlemen!

Scott said...

We don't have English-speaking intellectuals, thank God!

But you are right to say that writers of all stripes should be thinking about it a lot more.

Beaverbrook said...

I just purchased the book last night. I may have my own review, but so far not as impressed as I would like to be. The events are all old hat; it is the perspective that is novel, though it seems to lack the vigor and insight of the kind James Bennett, the father of the Anglosphere, gives us. (see Anglosphere Primer)

Younghusband said...

I had suspected that as well. Whatever seemed to be new I gathered from reviews tended to be just Roberts' perspective, and often I ended up shrugging my head. But then I think what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is making us weaker. The fact that Britain would rather scamper off as quick as you can without offering any of her troops to the US fighting a far graver situation shows the limits of taking some of his notions too seriously.
But then I haven't read the book and have seen a number of writings taken out of context (that 'speech' apparently by Churchill re. the Jews in 1937 that was announced yesterday is a case in point).

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

A little off topic...

From the Globe and Mail
A little off topic...

"Our Prime Minister (Harper) has a very British-centric approach to the world," Mr. Kirton says. "He's from a Loyalist family; he's a long-term admirer of their system; a loyal Economist reader; his role model was Margaret Thatcher; and he says 'God save the Queen' in speeches.

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

Sorry, try this link , and click on the first article.

Anonymous said...

Somebody out there hates the white man, the civilized white man, the accomplished white man, and is trying to eradicate him and her from the face of the earth.