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Thursday, 12 April 2007

The most important power of all is willpower

Overall, it hasn't been a good week in Her Majesty's Commonwealth Forces. We see eight Canadian soldiers killed this week in Afghanistan, four British (two of them women) in Iraq, we see army cadets in New Zealand humiliated with news that they will now have to permanently parade with toy guns instead of real rifles, and we see the disgrace and humbling of Britannia's Royal Marines and Royal Navy, the proudest and most prestigious institution to have ever graced all four corners of this wavy, sea-blue planet.

Now we can accept noble deaths in the fight against the Taliban et al, but not for long can we sustain pride in the face of such humiliation, the killer of troop morale, self-esteem and espirit de-corps. Pride is the life-blood of regiments - lose it, and we lose our confidence, resolve and future determination. Time to get a grip.

P.S. I will be updating the latest casualties under the "Duty" tab in the Header.


Splendor Sine Occasu said...

Rejoice! The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps is being modernised!

Canada to buy 100 modern Leopard 2's from the Netherlands

EnglandExpects said...
Good article about the work of the Anglosphere in fighting the war on terror.

Anonymous said...

Deogolwulf said...


Following your request at my site, here is my post on monarchy:

Beaverbrook said...

Many thanks. I've included it in TM's growing archive (click on "Previous" above. I very much like the analogy used to make the rational argument. Well done!

Deogolwulf said...