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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Queen not invited to Quebec's 400th Anniversary: Separatists

Gérald Larose, president of the Quebec Sovereignty Council, said the 400th anniversary organizing committee is controlled by federalists who want to hijack an event that marks the foundation of the Quebec nation.

"Canada wasn't founded in 1608. What was founded in 1608 was the Quebec nation. This has nothing to do with Canada," Mr. Larose said in an interview. "It would be indecent to recycle history in this way. . . . Moreover the monarchy is the most despicable, appalling, anti-democratic, imperial, colonial symbol against which all social and individuals rights were obtained through the course of history."

Read: A birthday visit by the Queen? Quebeckers are not amused by RHÉAL SÉGUIN

We should say nothing about this because the separatists got trounced in the recent Quebec election, and are becoming increasingly irrelevant to federal politics. I can only echo the words of Eric Lam over at the Monarchist League:

Aside from the inflamatory language, wasn't it the British gov't of the day that, through the Quebec Act, guaranteed a newly conquered New France its civil law legal system, its French language, its Roman Catholic Church, its seigneurial system, and the enormous extension of Lower Canada into the Ohio valley? Wasn't it these guarantees that made the francophone elites of that society realize that sticking with Britain was a much better prospect than being swallowed up by the newly born United States? They could easily be speaking a variety of New England English today.

Other than that, let's ignore it. This is what the separatists need in their desperation to remain relevant. Secretly, privately, they hope the Queen can make it, so that they can make a real hay of her visit to promote their cause.


Kipling said...

It seems we are reading the same newspapers, Beaverbrook, and you beat me to the punch. I don't think we should be too quiet, however.

Beaverbrook said...

Kipling, I was more upset with the response in today's NP from the Secretary to the GG who said three times that the GG represents the Crown, which is devious and wrong. Her Majesty represents the Canadian Crown, not the GG. The Constitution makes no mention of the GG. The GG represents the Sovereign, who represents the Crown. But the staffers at Rideau Hall stubbornly refuse to recognize this most elementary fact.

JJ said...

The constitution makes no mention of the GG? What constitution are you reading?

Anonymous said...

I think it's clear by now that facts and reality mean little to monarchists.

joe said...

The queen came to Alberta 2005 for Alberta's 100th. The anniversary was a bust and the queen of England should have stayed home. Other than adding a few royals the only idication that she was even here is Ralf named Highway 2 after a road in Ontario. All Canadians need to select their own head of state by popular election.

Unrepentant Jacobite said...

Mr. Beaverbrook, you do NOT know what goes on in the minds of these separatists. Do you claim to be psychic? Can you read minds? I doubt it.

If you think the Quebec separatists are going to be ignored - sad though that they are anti-Catholic socialists - then you have another thing coming.

Desperate, you call them? Think again, sir.

Erin go bragh!
Alba go bragh!
Free Wales!
Free Cornwall!

Beaverbrook said...

U.J. - If you are pinning your hopes on a "Free Quebec!", like you are a "Free Cornwall!" and a "Free Wales!", don't lose any sleep on it. The Scottish and English nationalists seem to be making headway, but I'd give Quebec about as much chance as Canada separating from winter.