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Monday, 7 May 2007


Presidents have come and gone but Her Majesty remains. For me, a subject of this vast English-Speaking Kingdom, the Royal Visit to America invokes that ancient sense of belonging together as a single people born of a common mother. The Queen herself embodies the mystic chords of our collective memory, in a way that no other human being can. Gone are the national prejudices when Americans feel a special bond to my Queen. We are in these moments connected as one, and I for one would like it to stay that way.

The Queen (when Princess Elizabeth) with President Truman (President from 1945-53) in Washington in 1951.

The Queen meets Marilyn Monroe prior to the Royal Command Film Performance of 'The Prince and the Showgirl' at the Empire Theatre in London in October 1956.

The Queen meets Judy Garland at the Royal Variety Performance held at the London Palladium in November 1957.

The Queen, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne with President Eisenhower (President from 1953-61) at Balmoral Castle in 1959.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh with President and Mrs Kennedy (President from 1961-63) at Buckingham Palace in 1961.

The Royal Family meet American Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins at Buckingham Palace in October 1969. The astronauts were in London as part of their world tour following their historic moon landing.

The Queen with President Nixon (President from 1969-74) and Sir Edward Heath during a visit to Chequers in 1970.

The Queen dancing with President Ford (President from 1974-77) at the White House in 1976.

The Queen with President Carter (President from 1977-81) at Buckingham Palace in 1977.

The Queen with President Reagan (President from 1981-89) riding at Windsor in 1982.

The Queen with President Bush (President from 1989-93) at Buckingham Palace in 1989.

The Queen with President Clinton (President from 1993-2001) and his family at Buckingham Palace in 2000.

The Queen meets Madonna at the World Premiere of the James Bond film 'Die Another Day' at the Royal Albert Hall in November 2002.

The Queen with President George W Bush (President from 2001-present) at Buckingham Palace in 2003.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda meet The Queen at Buckingham Palace, March 2005. The businessman was awarded an honourary knighthood by Her Majesty for his charity work.

© Press Association photos via Royal Insight


Matt Bondy said...

Great shots.

If you please, I would very much like to post the picture of HM you've got posted on your sub-section regarding HM Forces. I would also like to put a permanent link to that entire sub-section.

May I have your permission?

The Dominion Pages

Kyle said...

Absolutely wonderful, touching photographs.

Beaverbrook said...

Great shots, indeed!

Matt: No permission needed. Link away.

Younghusband said...

Thanks for the effort in rounding up these images. They show better than anything else the value in our Head of State in reinforcing stability and providing a living link to the ties that unite us.

monarchico said...

I'm an Italian monarchist and I have translate (in italian) this post into my blog.

In my blog I wrote that the Monarchy is better than republic.
God save the Queen!

Best regards

Scott said...

I think many Americans regard her as effectively their Queen too, particularly at times like this - there's more than a whiff of something like nostalgia.

elena maria vidal said...

I read somewhere once that the American Revolution, in some ways, was an economic rather than a "spiritual" separation from Britain. It is obvious that many Americans are still fascinated with the Royal family and hold Her Majesty in high esteem, even those who oppose eveything she stands for.

redtown said...

"Gone are the national prejudices when Americans feel a special bond to my Queen. We are in these moments connected as one..."

Indeed! I noticed how Native Americans and Blacks, rightly angry at their exclusion from the Jamestown celebrations 50 years ago, were enthralled and reverential in Her Majesty's presence. Long may She reign in continuing imitation of Christ!

Old Dominion Tory said...

Superb post. Many Americans deeply admire Her Majesty's steadfast devotion to duty and her enduring and apparent fondness for the United States. I joked with some friends that if she had come out on the balcony at Williamsburg and said, "All is forgiven. I'd be happy to have Virginia in the Commonwealth," the General Assembly would have accepted the invitation by an immediate and unanimous acclamation.

Roy Eappen said...

Our Mother Prince and friend.
AS recent poll showed HM Approval rating in the US at 80%. Thank you for this wonder4ful post