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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Most conservative man in Britain votes Labour to save Union

You know things are pretty desperate for unionists when Gerald Warner feels he has to vote Labour! That's like George Galloway voting for Thatcher to stop Tony Blair from attacking Saddam, if such a thing were even possible. In other words, when such a man is "preparing, with the assistance of anti-nausea pills, to vote Labour... for the first time in the history of his gene pool, back to the Cro-Magnon era - that is a measure of what is at stake."

Mind you, this must have made it easier:

Scotland's Tory voters will be the deciding factor. They are the derided, the marginalised, the disinherited of the earth; and yet, next Thursday, they will wield enormous power - if they choose to exercise it... - if necessary, by voting Labour on one ballot paper out of three. They should do so with a clear conscience, on the honourable principle of country before party. They owe nothing to a Scottish Tory party so lukewarm in defence of the Union it would not even mention it in its manifesto: in this single-issue election, the Tories ignored the issue.

Not sure if it was all for naught or not, given that Alex Salmond and the SNP won by one MSP in the end anyways, but certainly the most brain dead maneouvre Jack McConnell could do right now is to attempt to hold onto power. Best to nip the Nationalists in the bud now, weigh them down with the reigns of power and get their losing referendum over and done with. How Bulldog Brown could call Braveheart Salmond's bluff.

By the way, a very happy 300th to Britons on their Union. Congratulations on actually making it. Just barely.


Beaverbrook said...

This is a photo of Gerald Warner at the Knights of the Malta Ball in 2006, which I stole from Andrew Cusack's blog. I hope he doesn't mind.

Scott said...

2/3 voters in Scotland voted for a Unionist party. Independence only seems credible because everyone keeps talking about it as if it is. It'll never happen.

Andrew Cusack said...

He doesn't mind!

Anonymous said...

How does the government work in Scotland? Who officially appoints their government? Is it HM, or is there some governor of some sort?