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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Old Dominion Receives Her Majesty

We join with Andrew Cusack in welcoming Her Majesty to the shores of the first permanent English settlement of the New World, to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown.

Perhaps it is not so surprising that with the near death of the Republican Party (the Democratic Party died some time ago) in the United States, one American at least, Bernie Quigley, is calling upon the Queen to stay, and for America to join the British Crown Commonwealth. We shall fervently hope. In the meantime, we await Her Majesty's arrival to the Commonwealth of Virginia and Britannic return to the Old Dominion.

Memo to Nicholas Wapshott of The New York Sun: It is not Her Highness. Good grief, sir!


Anonymous said...

Great article, "Bring Back the Queen". Modern Americans, unbeknownst to themselves, are obsessed with pursuing the Monarchtical archetype in superficial Hollywood icons. Might as well bring back the real Queen --an icon of character and substance.

PS: Can't HM also be properly addressed as "Her Highness"?

Beaverbrook said...

Members of the Royal Family are His/Her Royal Highness, but His/Her Majesty is reserved for the King, the Queen, the Queen Consort or the Queen Dowager. Her Majesty the Queen Mother was Queen Consort during the reign of King George VI, and after he died, Queen Dowager. But they are not His/Her Highness. They have not been Highness since Henry VIII adopted Majesty in the 16th century.

John said...

I usually like most of your comments, however....

We Virginians paying homage to a sovereign ended about 226 years ago about 22 miles east of Jamestown.

That said, I would love to sign your petition concerning the RCN & RCAF. Does the fact my ancestors emigrated from PEI & Nova Scotia about a century qualify me?

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Thank you, "Lord Beaverbrook," for your enlightening me. I am of course aware of the use of the title "Majesty." However, I was not aware of the term "Queen Dowager," which I presume is the correct translation of the Norwegian term "enkedronning," which I until today would have translated into "widow queen."

While I have had the privilege of attending an English-speaking school for basically the first 4 school years of my life, I do appreciate every day I can learn something new about the English language.

Again, thank you.

Younghusband said...

In the West Wing on Friday, the talk was of negotiations with Syria, but in the East Wing, it was all about china — and not the country. The meal of five courses instead of the customary four will be served on gold-trimmed Lenox bought in the Clinton years.

The floral shop was frantic, with seven florists arranging centerpieces for every public room in the house. Cream-colored roses and white lilacs for the State Dining Room, pale pink roses for the Green Room, pale yellow roses in the Diplomatic Room and classic red roses for the Red Room.

“Wet Paint” signs were everywhere, and workers were washing the windows in the Colonnade that runs past the Rose Garden. Inside, at Mrs. Bush’s direction, a panel of photographs of earlier royal visits was on display, including one of President Gerald R. Ford dancing with the queen in 1976.

Even Vice President Dick Cheney got into the act as the official White House representative at the welcoming on Friday in Jamestown, Va. He proclaimed the visit an affirmation of “the ties of trust and warm friendship between our two countries.”

This is the queen’s fourth state visit to the United States. Aside from the 1991 and 1976 visits, she was here in 1957 when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president.

In July 2001, the Bushes had lunch with the queen at Buckingham Palace.

“He didn’t drink water out of his bottle,” said Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary, who was there.

Bernie Quigley said...

Delighted that you all cited my essay (as I received much virulent hate mail here in the U.S.). I’m sure my kids will be thrilled. (They think I do nothing but mope around in my bathrobe.) The Queen embodies the most ancient mythology of the English-speaking people (see Graves, “The White Goddess.") She presents an archetype and an ancient, perhaps biological memory to us, which silently tells us who we are. Without this memory we are condemned to extroversion, novelty and distraction and are unable to find the way to our center. But paradigm shift is needed to address the third millennium. Victoria wisely placed Ottawa to be the benign center of the countervailing forces of Quebec and Ontario. I've always felt it to be her true legasy in time. It could now be the center of an emerging fraternal Anglosphere culture. And Ottawa is more now than the center of the Anglosphere; it is the center of the world, South, West, East and the Great White North. When Peter the Great went to address the larger world he opened from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Ottawa would do the same in our time to most effectively engage and guide in the centuries ahead. Cheers, Quigley

Beaverbrook said...

Welcome, Mr. Quigley, and thank you for the article, which I'm sure has caused quite a stir in your in-box from such blowhards as the Thomas Paine rabble, the lovely Fenians of the Irish Freedom Committee and other gasbag what-nots.

Not sure about Ottawa being the centre of the Anglosphere though, as geography is increasingly irrelevant in a digitized world. I only wish the UK would wake up to this fact, and extricate itself from the EU.